JBL/Guerrero Program To Continue Until SS, Many People Happy With Taker's Return

- The general feeling backstage is that the John Bradshaw Layfield/Eddie Guerrero program will continue until SummerSlam. Vince McMahon is behind the push of Bradshaw and has shown a lot of faith in him being a main eventer. This plan could change once the final Judgment Day buyrate comes in.

- While the Undertaker has his enemies backstage, many are happy to have him back in the locker room and feel that he is a good leader and teacher. Undertaker has been helping John Cena, Dawn Marie, and others backstage and his veteran presence has increased the Smackdown morale. Those backstage have said the Undertaker is "one of us", as he hangs out with all the wrestlers does not think of himself as "above anyone else".

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Credit: PWTorch.com Newsletter