WWE Smackdown! Report (2/12/04) - Taped in Tacoma, Washington

The following report is courtesy of 1wrestling.com

Video of McMahon, Goldberg and Heyman from this week's Raw opens the show. From Tacoma, WA, it's SmackDown!

72 hours away from No Way Out.

Tonight: Angle & Guerrero vs. Brock & Big Show

Mysterio w/ Jorge Paez vs. Tajiri
Armringers back and forth. Mysteriowhips Tajiri but Tajiri connects with a boot to the face. Mysterio is able to go up top and come back with a reverse headscissors. Mysterio with a bulldog. The Chavos are out to watch. Tajiri takes over with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Kicks on Mysterio. Tajiri with a camel clutch then a sunset flip but Mysterio dropkicks out. Drop toe hold on Tajiri. Mysterio up and over, springboards back in but Tajiri with a kick to the gut. Enzugiri on Tajiri and Mysterio follows with the 619. Senton leads to the pin. Chavo Jr. jumps Mysterio after the match until Paez climbs in. Jr. backs off but Sr. climbs in the ring. Paez with a kip up demonstration before knocking out Sr.
WINNER: Rey Mysterio, Jr.

Cole and Tazz run down what happened on Raw and the horrible way Heyman was treated by Goldberg. Video shows us what happened, as Heyman was speared by Goldberg.

Heyman in the lockeroom, checking his ribs. Brock is there and sits down next to him. Lesnar wants to make sure he understand everything that's happened thus far. Heyman is complaining about how much the spear hurts. Lesnar wants to know what message Goldberg is trying to send. Heyman says he wasn't the one Goldberg speared. In Goldberg's mind, he speared Brock Lesnar. Lesnar is not intimidated by anyone. After he's done with Guerrero, he'll look over at Goldberg and prove he's not intimidates and then he'll F5 him. The fans will then wonder "Who's Goldberg?"

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Scotty 2 Hotty w/Rikishi vs. Danny Basham with Doug & Shaniqua
Basham with a headlock. S2H with an armbar into a headlock. Scortty with a suplex and he break dances. Two dropkicks and back into an armbar.Basham tries an armdrag but Scotty hangs on. Punches back and forth. Doug is on the apron as Danny throws Scotty out. Shaniqua delivers a solid clothesline and throws him back in. Head vice on Scotty. Basham with a back suplex. Back to the head vice.Scotty is out and delivers a back bodydrop. Basham with an elbow in the corner and he rolls Scotty up with Doug assisting from the apron for the pin. Shaniqua tries to escape by climbing in the ring. She gets sandwiched and Rikishi goes for the splash but the Bashams pull her out.
WINNER: Danny Basham

Playboy's favorite girls, Sable and Torrie, are up next!

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Josh is in the back with Mysterio and Peana. Mysterio reminds us that Sr. got knocked out. He says the Chavos like to sneak up on people but that on Sunday, Peana will be in his corner. Jr. is nothing but jealous of his magazine cover, video and title. It's on. It's on.

Sr. is getting iced by the trainer. Jr. says his dad wasn't ready. On Sunday, he's going to beat Mysterio, take his title, take his belt, and then his dad is going to knock out Peana.

Josh with Kurt Angle. Angle says he's very confident that he'll win at NWO. He's done whatever it's taken to get to the top throughout his career. Cena and Show are different, but alike. Cena is an M&M, Show eats M&M's. After he gets done with them, he's looking for the WWE title.

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Hardcore Holly vs. Rhyno
Face off and a slap on Holly. Holly with a go behind takedown. Holly with a hiptoss. Holly with a slap and chops. Holly with a flying forearm and a chokeslam. Rhyno finally connects with a boot to the face and drops Holly chin first into the turnbuckle. Rhyno with a knee lift and a body scissors. Holly back up with punches and chops. Rhyno nails a spinebuster. Rhyno goes for the gore but runs into a dropkick.Rhyno launches Holly face first into the turnbuxkle again and punches him in the corner untiol the referee calls for the bell. Holly dives on Rhyno after the bell and they fall out of the ring. Rhyno into the steps. Both are separated by referees.
WINNER: Hardcore Holly (by DQ)

In the back, medical personnel are running down the hall. Kurt Angle is unconscious with Orlando Jones standing over him, begging them for help.

Commecial break.

Kurt is still out cold and Eddie Guerrero comes in and is yelling at them to help him.

A mariachi band is in the ring. Brock Lesnar comes out in a sombrerro and dances. Lesnar gets in th ring and continues dancing before cutting off the band. He says he owes the fans and Eddie Gurerro and explanation. On Sunday at No Way Out, Eddie will have nothing to celebrate, so they may as well celebrate now. He counts the band into playing again with Spanish. Eddie charges the ring and Lesnar bails. Lesnar tries to climb back in but Eddie shoves a mic stand at him. Brock tells him to relax and climbs back in the ring. He wanted to throw him a celebration and paid a lot of money to bring the band in. He knows he's a fighting man, always fighting the odds. Even now, with his partner out, he continues to fight. The crowd chants for him and Brock encourages them. Then he reminds "the addict" that come Sunday,Eddie's not fighting the odds, he's fighting Brock Lesnar. Lesnar is going to torture him. While he was on drugs, Lesnar was winning NCAA championships. When he was in recovery, he was winning the WWE title. He hates guys like Guerrero, who run around complaning about things. Sunday, he's going to give him his "fix."

Eddie tells him if he wants to go down the road of addicition, let's get into it. He ackowledges he's an addist. Three years ago in Minneapolis, in the shower in the locker room, he was high. He doesn't remember much except being carried out of the arena into rehab. That was only the beginning. He lost his job, his wife, his kids and himself. He lost his spirit. he disgraced his race, family and himself. He came to a do-or-die point where he had to make a decision. Day by day, he has earned his way back into this ring. He has earned the repsect of his kids. He has earned his life back. The belt around Brock's waist symbolizes his way of telling his family he's sorry and that he's going to provide a better way of life for them. The belt is his new addiction. He's addicted to the high of the crowd and from telling his family he's doing it. He gets high from the satisfaction of telling everyone who didn't believe in him they can stick it up their's. He sayd he's an addict and will do anything to get that belt.

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Cole and Tazz are wondering about the condition of Kurt Angle and whether he'll be able to make his match.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Bradshaw
Bradshaw with an armdrag into a wristlock. Benjamin starts punching and shoves Bradshaw out. Haas is hit by Bradshaw on the outside. Back in, Bradshaw hits the Last Call. Benjamin with a fireman's carry takedown. Farooq shoves Benjamin out and Bradshaw beats him around. Back in, Bradshaw with a back suplex. Clothesline in the corner. Benjamin blocks a Clothesline from Hell. Benjamin throws Bradshaw into the turnbuckle. Fujiawra Armbar. Now into a regular armbar and knees to the ribs. Bradshaw makes the ropes for the break. Bradshaw with an elbow then a boot to the face. Bradshaw charges Benjamin with a clothesline in the corner. Benjamin turns things around with a thrust kick to the jaw of Bradshaw. Close two count. Benjamin charges the corner and meets the Clothesline from Hell. The match is over.
WINNER: Bradshaw

Josh is in the back. Angle is semi-conscious. There are three possible assailants: Cena, Show or Lesnar. Josh will try to find out more.

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Wrestlemania Recall is Andre telling Hulk Hogan it's over at Wrestlemania III.

Jamie Noble climbs into the ring in street clothes. Video recalls what happened last week when Nidya revealed she could see after all. Noble says he knows she's in the back nervous and scared, but that she brought it on herself. She's a typical woman who's spent his money. He should've dumped her when she became blind. He can have any woman he wants. Because he's a gentleman, he'll let her out of the match if she packs up her crap and gets out of his home. She'll have to leave behind everything he bought her, though, especially the mink coat. Nidya comes out in a pick-up truck with a trailer. She gets out and explains she just spoke to Paul Heyman and that Noble has to wrestle the match blindfolded. She introduces her two friends who have a woodchipper on the trailer. She takes the mink coat and sends it through the chipper.

Up next, the Playboy cover girls.

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Torrie and Sable sit down with RU DeBona. They enjoy spending time together and they compliment each other very well. Opposites attract. Sable says she's the hottest diva in the WWE (but that she's kidding). She says Playboy had success with both of them before and together they're better. On the question of sexual tension between the two, Torrie says she likes men, but she can't deny she finds Sable sexy.

Cole and Tazz don't know if Angle is going to make his match. They haven't received an update on his well-being.

Brock and Big Show have their entrances and are ready for the main event.

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Eddie Guerrero is out in a low-rider and is ready to go. Kurt Angle's music plays, but he doesn't come out. Eddie keeps looking for him, then at the ring. john Cen's music plays and he comes down to team with Guerrero.

Brock Lesnar & Big Show vs. Eddie Guerrero & John Cena
Cena and Show. Show goes for a club in the corner, but Cena ducks out. Cena gets Show on the ropes and drops him over with a shove. Show tags in Brock. Cena tags in Eddie. Punches, knees and kicks. A Monkey Press Slam is turned into a sunset flip. Eddie with kicks and punches. Dropkick on Lesnar. Lesnar with a spinebuster. Show is in with chops. Big headbutt. Show goes for a powerbomb and Eddie slides into the sunset flip again. Show drops but Eddie rolls out. Cena is in. Headbutt for him. Clothesline. Show with two legdrops. Guerrero catches Show on the ropes and pulls him over. Lesnar tries to interfere but is thrown over as well.

Commercial break.

Show has Cena in an abdominal stretch. Over the break, we see Eddie delivering a plancha on Lesnar. Show tags in Lesnar. Lesnar with kicks to Cena. Fisherman suplex. Brock locks in a reverse bearhug on the mat. Cena works up, but Brock cuts him off with a kneelift. Cena is locked into a rear bearhug/body scissors. Lesnar with a suplex. Show tags in. Butt slump. Forearm to Cena's back. Cena with punches. Show with a boot to the face. Two count. Show catches Cena but Cena slides out and dropkicks Show's knee. Cena off the ropes with a clothesline. Throwback. Show with a sideslam. Show goes for the chokeslam. Cena reverses and hits a DDT. Both men down. Show tags in Brock and Brock cuts off the tag to Eddie. Brock goes for a shoulder tackle in the corner but meets the ringpost. Cena tags in Eddie and Eddies is on fire. Eddie dropkicks Lesnar's knee. Suplex. Another. And a dropkick to Show's knee. Tilt-a-whirl headscossirs on Lesnar. Missle dropkick on Lesnar. Show breaks the pin Cena and Show outside the ring. Angles runs in with a chair and takes down Show. Angles tags Cena in the gut with the chair. Angle on the apron. Eddie uses Cena's chain to low blow Lesnar for the pin.
WINNERS: Eddie Guerrero & John Cena