Paul Bearer Reminds Fan's That He Is Alive; But Not Likely To Return

On Paul Bearer's official website, the front page has been updated with a picture of Bearer holding one black rose next to a gravesite and an arm popping up out of the ground to indicate that Bearer is not dead. Below that written in huge letters is the following:

"Is Kayfabe Alive? OOOOHHH YEESSS!!!! (So Is Paul Bearer)"

Bearer also left the following message for his fans:

On Sunday, June 27, 2004, during THE WWE GREAT AMERICN BASH - PPV, at The Scope Coliseum, in Norfolk, Virginia. The Undertaker himself, attempted to destroy The WWE Paul Bearer character. Bearer's body was encased in a glass crypt, filled with concrete. It was said that Paul Bearer, was the conscience of The Undertaker, his only weakness. In the fact that his feelings for him demonstrated what remained of "The Phenom's" mortality. WWE explains that the Paul Bearer character suffered severe internal injuries from the weight of the concrete, including damage to his lungs and trachea due to inhalation of the toxic material. The bottom line is that the Paul Bearer character is alive. However, no prognosis has been given by World Wrestling Entertainment, except that it is unlikely that he will ever appear again.

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