WWE House Show Results (7/4/04) - Sudbury, Ontario

Report by: Jeff Rayne, rajah.com reader

Just got back from the Smackdown show at the Sudbury Arena. Good show,
couldn't really hear the interviews cuz the sound sucked. Smackdown needs
BIGGER STARS!!!!! Raw is so overpacked and SD is just a training ground it
seems. Reigns/Suzuki/Akio/Sakoda/Jindrak are not enough to draw people to
these shows no matter who they're fighting. You'll never see that on a Raw
show. I can't believe Vince actually thinks this is working. Bradshaw was
great on the mic though, well spoken and hated the fact that he was in
Canada on the 4th of July when there are no Canadians in Iraq helping the
U.S. lot's of heat for that one. The Sudbury Arena holds 6,000 people but
there were probably 4,500 there. weird since it's the first time in 10
years that they've been here. the four corners were completely empty.
anyway, here's the report.

Match 1 - RVD vs D-Von
good match, crowd popped huge for RVD. he looks so ripped in person, on tv
he looks okay but none of us could believe how ripped he actually is. there
was this jacked up guy in the crowd wearing the tightest shirt i've ever
seen, he was trying to look all big and probably thought he looked good.
when RVD came out he freakin' dwarfed this guy. funny. RVD wins with the 5

Match 2 - Kenzo Suzuki vs Billy Gunn
Gunn really played up the fact that he used to be in DX. Suck It, Crotch
Chop, stuff like that. Kenzo is just flat out boring. He chopped "Kip" as
the fans were calling him, haha, and all you could hear was dead silence and
then someone yell "go back to the Ukraine." which put people in tears. Kenzo
wins with face palm slam.

Match 3 - Luther Reigns vs Charlie Haas
Boooooooooooooring. Reigns wins. Missed finish. Haas looked good but it
was a slow one.

Match 4 - Billy Kidman vs Mark Jindrak.
Jindrak is doing a cross between The Model and The Narcissist (sp?) with a
cape and mirror. Jindrak wins when he reverses a tornado ddt into a
sidewalk slam.

Match 5 - FBI vs Akio and Sakoda
Very impressed by the FBI. I think they're ready to be put into some main
tag team storylines. They have really good timing and they're using good
tandem moves. Crowd loved them. One of the better technical matches of the
night. FBI win with a Demolition finish but with a leg drop from the middle
rope instead of an elbow.

Match 6 - John Cena vs Rene Dupree vs Booker T (US Title)
Crowd loved Cena. Spinaroonie from Booker, gay french dance from Dupree.
Short match actually. Cena throws Dupree outside and blocks Booker's kick
for the FU and the win.


Match 7 - Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guerrero (Cruiserweight Title)
Fast paced match. Kids dressed as Rey (at least 10) loved Rey and were all
over him. Rey got on the mic and said Sudbury doesn't want a 619 tonight.
Instead he's gonna give us the 705, you can guess what that is. Crowd
popped huge for that. Rey hits the 705 and a slingshot splash for the win.

Match 8 - Bikini Competition
Scotty 2 Hotty comes out to host the competition. Jackie out first, then
Sable, then Torrie. Jackie looked unreal. Sable in a thong. Torrie was
actually the most dressed but still won.

Match 9 - Canadian Street Fight - Eddie Guerrero vs JBL (WWE Championship)
JBL came out first and ripped on the crowd for the lack of Canadian
involvement in Iraq and the fact that he had to wrestle in Canada on the 4th
of July. Told a little kid to put down his Canadian flag before he whiped
his ass with it. I'm quickly becoming a fan of Bradshaw as champion. Never
thought I'd say that but it's true. Reverse low blow kick by JBL for the
win. JBL goes to pound on Eddie but Chavo and D-Von run in and take out
Eddie. This brings out Mysterio and RVD, then Reigns and Haas, then Booker
T and Dupree, then Cena and Scotty. Huge brawl in the ring, the crowd is
completely losing their minds. People had already started to leave and were
running back into the arena to watch it when they heard how crazy the crowd
was going. Faces take out all heels except JBL. FU on JBL, followed by the
705, then the worm and chop, then a frog splash by RVD. Eddie, Rey and
Scotty tied JBL's boots together so when he finally got up he said he
refused to be made a fool of, then took one step and hit the ground. Pretty
funny. RVD/Eddie/Cena/Scotty/Rey all post on the turnbuckles with RVD
standing on the middle rope. Then they all raise eachother's hands and
posed for the crowd. Very cool. JBL closed out the show by singing God
Bless America with the ref to the Arena as we booed.

Overall I was very shocked that there weren't more people in attendance.
But I am even more shocked at the professionalism of the Smackdown talent.
They made it look like they were at WM20. They put on such a show it was
unreal. Nobody went through the motions, they all made it look like they
were genuinley pleased to be there. I went to WM18 in the SkyDome and the
4,500 people in Sudbury almost equalled it in ovations. Just a rabid crowd.
When the talent walked to the back you could basically see what they were
looking at. Empty seats with a few scattered fans. But they played up to
those fans like it was there last night as a wrestler. They are in a small
city in Canada on the 4th of July but you'd never know it. I was very
impressed by this.

Biggest Heat
Rene Dupree
Booker T

Biggest Pops