Eddie Guerrero Unhappy With Losing Title, SD! Talent Frustrated With Management

- Eddie Guerrero was not happen with the WWE's decision to make him lose the WWE Title at the Great American Bash PPV, but he did not complain about it backstage. The general feeling backstage is that he will get the title back soon, possibly at SummerSlam.

- Smackdown talent was extremely frustrated following the Great American Bash PPV. One of the problems talent are having is that there are too many guys who aren't ready to be put into PPV spots instead of veterans like Richards, Val Venis, Maven, Nunzio, A-Train, Chuck Palumbo, Paul London, The Bashams, etc.

Many are blaming Vince McMahon since they believe that he does understand how "smart" the audience is and how quickly they notice if someone isn't "good" in the ring as a performer. Many people are already upset with McMahon since he his putting most of the companies profit into his pocket.

The general feeling is the WWE needs to invest in a better and new farm system since Ohio Valley Wrestling is not getting the job done.

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Credit: PWTorch.com Newsletter