WWE House Show Results (7/2/04) - Vancouver, British Columbia

Sent in by Scott Williamson, rajah.com reader....

Hello everyone, this is the house show results for July 2nd, in Vancouver,
B.C. The arena was pretty empty. The floor was full, the lower bowl was full on
the sides and empty in the ends, and the upper bowl was empty. The lights go
down, and The Fink makes his way to the ring...... (the matches may be out of
order, but going with what I can remember)

Match 1: Hurricane and Rosey vs. La Resistance....

This was a rather decent match. The crowd jeered La Resistance. They are
from Quebec, and out west we arent very partial to eastern Canada. Hurricane
and Rosey got a large pop. Good back and forth match, wwith Conway and Grenier
getting into it with the crowd and whatnot. Hurricane got knocked to the floor,
and La Resistance got the win with their finisher (Au Revoir) on Rosey, whom
they had trouble lifting.
winner: La Resistance

Match 2: Maven vs. Chuck Palumbo...

Both wrestlers got nice cheers from the crowd (why people cheered Chuck is
beyond me). They were circling the ring, and Garrison Cade pulled a run-in and
jumped Maven. Then Val Venis ran down to help Maven, and this turned into a tag
match. The crowd was into this match as well. Good spots, and it was nice to
see Val again. Maven is coming along nicely and could turn out to be a very
good entertainer in the coming years. Chuck and Cade picked up the win with
Chuck scoring a pinfall.

Coach comes down and does an interview segment with Eugene. Coach says he has
been sent here to let Eugene know he can wrestle anyone in the building
tonight. He also reminds him of all the people who "claim" to be his friend but
really arent. After a few minutes of playing up the crowd, Eugene says to
Coach..." I want to wrestle you tonight Coach!" This led into....

Match 3: Eugene vs. Coach...
The Coach surprised me. He can actually do a few moves. Even though it was
Eugene kicking his ass. I can't remember how, but Eugene won the match by
pinfall. He also hit his usual spots with the "roll into a ball and shake my
hand" and "hulking up and hit the head on the turnbuckle".

Match 4: William Regal vs. Steven Richards...
BORING. What else can I say. William Regal has been away too long and Steven
Richards has no gimmick, and no charisma. Winner by pinfall...William Regal.

Match 5: Batista vs. Rhyno...
This was a good match with both men being powerhouses. Batista got a massive
pop, seemed to enjoy it, then got on the mic and bashed Canada and Canadians in
general. Funny stuff to see everyone cheer him, and then boo him in a matter of
seconds. Rhyno was also well recieved by the crowd. Good match, lots of power
moves. Rhyno missed the gore, and Batista hit him with the gut-buster off the
ropes for the pinfall win.

There was now a 10 minute intermission....

Match 6: Randy Orton vs. Edge...
Both guys were over with the crowd. Peopel started calling Orton a queer, and
that continued throughout the match. Entertaining back and forth match. the guy
beside me said that "these two guys are the reason WWE sucks now". What a
moron. These two are the WWE's future. Edge missed the spear and no RKO. Forget
how, but Orton wins with a pinfall with his feet on the ropes.

Lita comes down to do an interview segment. She whines about the baby
bullshit, and whos it is, and trys to get the crowd to feel for her. Some
people tried to start a slut chant. She calls Matt Hardy out to the ring. Crowd
loves the guy. On his way to the ring, he gets jumped by Tyson Tomko. Leads

Match 7: Matt Hardy vs. Tyson Tomko...
Ok, Tomko sucks. He is in need of OVW time forsure. Pretty bad match with
Hardy carrying it. Matt Hardy wins with the twist of fate.

winner...Matt Hardy

Match 8: Tajiri vs. Mike Bucci...
Crowd popped for Tajiri, and most referred to Bucci as the riverdancer wanna-
be. Three things for Bucci to think about. #1...get some new ring gear loser,
#2... request for a return to OVW, because you need it, and #3....grab a
gimmick, so good wrestlers like Tajiri dont have to make you look good. Tajiri
wins with the kick to the head.

Match 9: Gail Kim vs. Victoria.
Crowd again loves the ladies. Really good womens match I thought. At least
these two can actually wreslte, and are nice to look at also. High paced match
with Victoria winning via the Widows Peak. Also a note that Fit Finley was
sitting with the Fink right in front of me and seemed very happy with the
ladies' performance.

Match 10: Chris Benoit vs. Kane (submission match)
Another couple of huge pops for these guys. A pretty solid match. Benoit was
very over with the crowd, being Canadian and all. I wish WWE would put gold on
Kane. He is good at what he does, and even though he is a big guy, he is very
agile and has lots of good power moves. Of course, being a submission match,
Benoit wins with the crossface.

All in all, this was the best house show to come through town in years. The
crowd was lacking because the roster was missing some key guys. No Triple H, no
Chris Jericho, no Ric Flair, no Trish. You cant expect a good crowd when you
have 4 top drawing superstars not coming, and on a holiday long weekend. The
people that were there were loud and boisterous, as Vancouver crowds usually
are. Give us a PPV, and then the people will turn out. Eastern Canada always
gets big shows, give Vancouver a chance!!!!

Biggest cheers:
Chris Benoit
Randy Orton/Edge

Biggest jeers:
La Resistance
Batista's comments about Canada

Vancouver July 2nd,
Josh Saunders

Around 1500-1800 tops at the arena,

Match 1: Hurricane and Rosey vs. La Resistance