Updated RAW Preview (7/12) - Edge, Evolution, Confirmed Match, Benoit, HHH, Eugene, more

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WWE RAW - July 12, 2004

Venue : Verizon Wireless Arena

City, State : Manchester, New Hampshire

Preview :
Judging by the look on Triple H's face after losing his match against Chris Benoit at Vengeance, Monday night may not be a good one for honorary Evolution member Eugene. Just prior to the Game's loss, he was inadvertently hit with a steel chair by Eugene. Undoubtedly, Triple H will be looking for somebody to blame for the loss, chances are that person will be Eugene.

WWE.com has just learned that the Highlight Reel returns to Monday Night RAW tonight with two huge guests. Y2J will welcome Lita and the potential father of her baby, Kane.

Speaking of Kane, Matt Hardy pulled off the biggest single's pay-per-view victory of his career, pinning the mighty monster. After the match, Hardy told Lita that he had to figure some things out and that she should stay far away from him while he does this. Will Lita listen to Matt? Or will she once again attempt to reconcile with her man? Find out on Monday Night RAW.

Edge regained Intercontinental glory on Sunday night, pinning Randy Orton to capture the title. Where does the new Intercontinental Champion go from here? He tries to keep good on his word is where. On RAW, the new Intercontinental Champion will continue his battle against Evolution when he takes on Batista. Will the big man be Edge's next victim? Find out on RAW.

Watch Monday Night RAW at 9/8 CT on Spike TV to find out.

Benoit's next opponent... Triple Threat!!! Edge vs. Triple H vs. Benoit at SummerSlam?! Click here for more! Discuss!