WWE RAW Report (7/12/04) - Manchester, New Hampshire

WWE RAW Report
Aired LIVE! From Manchester, New Hampshire
July 12, 2004
Reported by: The Worm, rajah.com RAW reporter

Just as a note, I am on a wireless internet connection, and my connection has been known to give out from time to time, so if it takes a while to see any updates to this, that's why. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience it may cause.

Backstage Action:

RAW opens with Evolution in the locker room, and Triple H is pacing back and forth. They're planning an ambush on Eugene, but no one touches him until Triple H does. Everyone's pissed off at what Eugene has done to them. There is a knock on the door and Eugene has entered the room. He knows they're not pleased at what he's done, and he can't even look any of them in the face.

Eugene confesses that he made a mistake and he offers an apology. Triple H makes it sound like it wasn't a big deal, but Eugene thinks otherwise. Triple H reassures Eugene that everything is alright, but unfortunately, he knows someone who is really mad at him, his Uncle Eric. Triple H tells Eugene to go see his Uncle Eric and then Eugene apologizes again before leaving.

Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel returns tonight with special guests Lita and Kane.

Edge's music hits and the NEW Intercontinental Champion is all pumped up and ready to go.

Match #1 (Singles, Non-Title) - Edge vs. Batista:

They stare each other down before they lock up. Batista shoves Edge down and they lock up again, and Batista shoves Edge back down. They lock up a third time and Edge locks in a headlock. Batista picks Edge up and rams him into the turnbuckle.

Batista pushes Edge, and Edge comes back with punches. Edge bounces off the ropes, but Batista hits a shoulder block followed by a stomp and a knee to the gut. Batista crushes Edge's head with his boot and then slams his head into the turnbuckle. Batista follows it up with a couple of shoulders to the gut and clubs to the back.

Batista grabs a hold of the ropes and crushes Edge's head with his knee. Batista whips Edge, but Edge kicks him and fires back with punches. Edge comes up top and hits a double ax handle, but to little effect. Edge tries again, but Batista kicks him in the gut.

Batista whips Edge sternum first into the post and he goes for a pin, but Edge kicks out. Batista is on the outside as he drapes Edge over the apron and elbows him in the chest. Fast forward, Edge comes back with a drop toe hold into the turnbuckle followed by a flying heel kick to little effect. Edge dropkicks Batista out of the ring. Batista gets onto the apron, but Edge elbows him off and Randy Orton proceeds to come down to the ring as we go to commercial.

Batista is in control of Edge with a surfboard stretch as we return, and the announcers comment that Orton is no longer ringside after getting involved and subsequently being ejected from the area.

Edge is getting himself pumped up as he works his way up to a vertical base. He gets out of it by dropping down, causing Batista to crash into the second turnbuckle. Edge bounces off the ropes, but Batista catches him and connects with a sidewalk slam. Batista flexes his biceps as he goes to pin Edge, but Edge kicks out.

Batista hits a vertical suplex and goes for a pin, but Edge kicks out. Batista tries again, but to no avail. Batista decides to lock in a Camel Clutch and Edge's mouth is busted open a bit. Edge is trying to fight his way to the ropes, but Batista jumps up and drops down on Edge's back.

Batista picks Edge up for a running powerslam, but Edge slides out and hits what I believe was the Edgeomatic (I wasn't paying attention to what happened, sorry). The ref is up to 8 as both men are up and proceed to exchange blows. Edge tries to clothesline Batista, but it's not working. Edge eventually knocks Batista down and he tries for the Edgecution, but Batista fights out. Edge fights back and finally hits the Edgecution, but Batista kicks out of the pin.

Edge is signaling for the Spear, but Batista sidesteps him and delivers a spinebuster. Batista goes for the pin, but Edge kicks out at 2. Batista is ready to deliver the Batista Bomb, but Edge collapses, causing Batista to stomp on him instead. Edge manages to regain the offense, and is resting on the outside. Edge slowly goes up top, but Batista gets up and punches Edge.

Edge knocks Batista off and delivers a missile dropkick. Edge goes for the pin, but Batista kicks out. It's the first match of the night, folks, and it's looking pretty good. Edge once again signals for the Spear, but Batista lifts him up and over, and Edge hangs on and rolls Batista up while holding the ropes for the victory. Two members down, two (three if you consider Eugene an actual part of Evolution) to go.

Winner: Edge

Backstage Action:

Eugene is dreading having to talk to Bischoff, and he is reluctant to knock on the door. He does so and Bischoff tells him to come in. Bischoff isn't looking too thrilled as Eugene asks if he is mad at him. Bischoff is mad as hell, and he is furious that the fact that everyone is blaming Eugene for Triple H's loss. Eric says it was an honest mistake, and he's not really mad. He's proud what Eugene did while he was interim GM, Eugene has finally convinced Bischoff that he is a part of the business. Bischoff decides to make a match between Eugene and Chris Benoit tonight and it will be for the World Heavyweight Championship (I think Triple H will cost Eugene this match tonight). Eugene is all excited about it as we go to commercial.

The King's music hits and he is on the ramp to talk about the RAW Diva Search. This Thursday, there will be a special RAW Diva Search casting show on Spike TV. The King brings out one of the wannabes named Candice Michelle. She's showing some excellent cleavage as she makes her way out in a black dress. She's kinda cute, but I've seen better. She was in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, where she played one of the dancing cheerleaders. She likes to get down and dirty, so she is going to be a part of the Lingerie Bowl, which is part of the half-time show at the Super Bowl.

Candice also has a hidden talent. She can touch her tongue to her nose, and then she demonstrates her talent (big deal).

Backstage Action:

The Grish is backstage interviewing Ric Flair and the Grish asks what the official reaction is to Eugene's title match tonight. He says that Evolution wishes him the best in his match, and then the conversation changes to Ric Flair's brand new book. He promotes the hell out of it and then he vents some frustration about Eugene being interim GM and then teaming up with him last night.

The Hurricane jumps into the scene and he says it'd be an honor if he would sign his copy of the book. Flair doesn't want to do it and he reveals Hurricane's secret identity. Flair became a legend, he became a joke. Flair says that Hurricane should care less about making the fans happy. He then insults Flair's book by saying it wasn't better than the Rock's, Chyna's, or even Hogan's book. He says that it wasn't even #1 like Foley's books were. Flair clobbers him with a right and he says that there will be a match between him and the Hurricane tonight and then he kicks him as we go to commercial. Oh, how I miss the more humorous Hurricane promos during the time when The Rock was feuding with Steve Austin leading into Wrestlemania XIX.

Match #2 (Singles) - Rob Conway (w/ Sylvain Grenier) vs. Rhyno (w/ Tajiri):

Conway starts off with a headlock and slams Rhyno down. Rhyno comes back with power punches and he hits a hip toss on Conway. While the ref is distracted by Tajiri, Grenier gets in a cheap shot. Conway goes for a pin, but Rhyno kicks out. Conway puts Rhyno in a rear chin lock and he fights his way up, but Conway punches him.

Rhyno regains the offensive as he takes Conway to school. Rhyno hits a back drop followed by a belly to belly suplex. Rhyno goes for the pin, but Conway kicks out. Conway hits a punch and then a neckbreaker. Conway goes for the pin, but Rhyno kicks out. Rhyno hits a spinebuster on Conway and he signals for the Gore. Grenier holds his leg, but Tajiri kicks him and Rhyno Gores Conway for the victory.

Winner: Rhyno

(I apologize for the quality of that report. At first I thought it was a tag title match, when in actuality, it was just a singles match. I had to hurry to fix the title, but there was already a lot going on in the ring, so I just started where I could)

Match #3 (Singles) - Tyson Tomko (w/ Trish Stratus) vs. Maven (w/ Nidia):

Poor Tits, I mean Trish...having an injured hand. Hopefully she'll recover from that soon. Maven's energetic as ever as he makes his way down to the ring with the ever sexy Nidia.

Tomko meets Maven halfway as he rams him into the barrier. Inside the ring, Tomko military presses Maven into a fallaway slam and he goes for a pin, but Maven kicks out.

Tomko hits a fist drop and knee drop on Maven. He goes to bounce off the ropes, but Nidia grabs his leg. Tomko chases Nidia, which allows Maven to hit Tomko as he goes back into the ring.

Maven is in control this time around as he clotheslines Tomko. He goes for a pin, but Tomko kicks out. Maven is whipped into the turnbuckle and he goes to jump over Tomko, but Tomko catches him and drops him face first into the ropes. Maven regains control somehow and goes for a pin on Tomko, but Tomko kicks out.

Tits, I mean Trish tries to get involved, but Nidia fights her off. Tomko manages to finish Maven off for the victory.

Winner: Tyson Tomko (w/ Trish Stratus)

Backstage Action:

William Regal confronts Benoit in the locker room. Regal tells Benoit that he doesn't want anything to happen to Eugene. Benoit understands his predicament, but his title is on the line tonight and he's going to tell Eugene what he tells Regal, and that is he'll do whatever it takes to retain his title.

The WWE Rewind recaps the confrontation between Lita and Matt Hardy from last night.

Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel (Guests - Lita and Kane):

Welcome to the Highlight Reel! Jericho talks about his accomplishments, but his true summit came when he won musical chairs last week. He introduces Kane and he proceeds to make his way down to the ring.

Is it just me or was Kane's mic having some problems? Kane is angry at what Lita did last night when she cost him his match and he calls Lita down to the ring. She makes her way down to the ring not looking the least bit worried. Bad things happen when Kane is angry. People suffer, and before he can continue, Lita swipes the mic.

She tells Kane that he's going to do absolutely nothing. She's tired of being scared and of being the victim, and she continues to let Kane have it by explaining the word suffering to him. Suffering is waking up every day and not knowing who the father of her baby is. She's suffered long enough, and from now on, she's going to do what she wants, when she wants, and there's nothing he can do about it, that sick son of a bitch!

Maybe you're right, Lita, maybe there's nothing I can do...to you. But I can do something to Matt, I can make sure he never sees the birth of our child. You forget Lita, I have the power to create life but I also have the power to end it!

You know, a few weeks ago Kane, that would have scared me. I guess that's what got me into all this mess, right? After last night, I know Matt can fight his own battles. You know what? I DO know the father of my baby, and it's NOT Kane. You want to know how I know? I've been with the both of you, and Matt's more of a man than Kane will ever be. Kane is livid as he destroys the set. Jericho tries to stop him, but Kane tosses him out of the ring and then makes his way up the ramp.

Jericho takes the mic, and hold on one second. You want a fight? I'll give you a fight, you stupid jackass! You don't have to leave prematurely, but then again, I hear you do a lot of things prematurely. Face it Kane, you got punked out. You got punked out by a chick. Now we know who wears the pants in your relationship. I can't remember what all Jericho said about Kane, but it was all good and pretty damn insulting. Another great (and hilarious) segment by Jericho, and Kane is making his way down the ramp as we go to commercial.

Match #4 (Singles) - Chris Jericho vs. Kane:

Kane is in control of Jericho with a rear chinlock as we return to RAW. Jericho works his way up and tries to fight out, but Kane nails Jericho. Kane goes for a back drop, but Jericho flips out and dropkicks Kane into the turnbuckle. Jericho chops away at Kane and Kane shoves him down. Jericho goes for the 10 punches, but Kane knocks him off at four.

Jericho hits a thumb to the eye and goes up top to hit a flying crossbody. Kane kicks out of the pin. Kane regains control by kicking Jericho in the gut and lifting him up and dropping him into the ropes. Kane splashes Y2J in the corner and then twists Jericho around the ropes from the outside.

Kane proceeds to break Jericho in half using the ring post and then hits a sidewalk slam. Kane goes for a pin, but Y2J kicks out. Kane hits a knee drop to the back of Jericho and turns it into the beginnings of a bow and arrow. Kane picks up Y2J and clotheslines him. Kane goes for the pin, but Jericho kicks out.

Jericho fights back with chops and punches, but Kane retaliates with an uppercut. Kane picks up Y2J into a bear hug and Y2J tries to fight back with blows to the head. Kane drops Y2J and goes for an elbow drop, but Y2J rolls out of the way.

Jericho fights back with chops and he tries to whip Kane, Kane reverses, and Y2J kicks out of the corner. Jericho drops Kane into the ropes and hits his running knee. Kane comes back with a big boot and he goes up top. Jericho gets up and hits Kane with a springboard dropkick to crotch him on the ropes.

Jericho goes up and clubs on Kane's back, but Kane knocks him off. Kane goes for his flying clothesline, but Jericho dropkicks him as he comes off the top. Both men are now down, but at 3, Kane sits up.

Kane signals for the chokeslam, but Jericho floats over and hits a chop block. Jericho tries for the Walls, but Kane kicks free. Kane goes for a big boot, but Jericho ducks and Kane gets hung up on the ropes. Jericho dropkicks Kane's knee and this time Y2J locks in the Walls of Jericho. Kane gets to the ropes to break the hold and Y2J tries for the Walls yet again, but Kane kicks out. Y2J comes back with the climbing enziguiri, but Kane kicks out of the pin.

Y2J rolls up Kane, but Kane kicks out. Kane decides to resort to a low blow, causing him to be disqualified.

Winner by DQ: Chris Jericho

Post-match, Kane delivers a double chokeslam to both the referee and Chris Jericho.

The King is back to introduce another possible RAW Diva. The casting special will be on Spike TV this Thursday. The next wannabe he introduces is named Nina Hardin. I don't really care for this one either. She seems almost Asian, and she is a blonde. The crowd is booing her the entire time for whatever reason. Nina is constantly adjusting her top, and she sounds kind of like Sable when she speaks. She dances for a little bit and runs her hands up and down her body.

The Smackdown Rebound recaps Kurt Angle stripping John Cena of the US Title and the match between JBL and El Gran Luchador.

As we go to commercial, we see Ric Flair getting ready for his match with the Hurricane.

Match #5 (Singles) - The Hurricane vs. Ric Flair:

It's about time we see Hurricane on RAW again, it seems like it's been a while. Hopefully Hurricane will win and be in the beginnings of another big push, as he certainly deserves it.

They lock up and Hurricane latches in a side headlock. The Hurricane is whipped and he hits a shoulder block. The Hurricane is on fire already as he hits a back dorp. The Hurricane goes for the 10 punches, but Ric takes him down at 5. Hurricane hits a thumb to the eye followed by an uppercut. Ric does his trademark flop and Ric is whipped, but he elbows out of the corner.

Flair chops Hurricane to knock him down and Hurricane is sent into the corner. Flair chops him and then throws him shoulder first into the ring post. Flair takes Hurricane down with a hammerlock and then stomps on his arm. Flair wraps Hurricane's arm around the top rope and then hits a snapmare.

Flair connects with a knee drop and then begins to tweak Hurricane's left arm with an armbar. Hurricane works his way up and tries to fight back, but Flair chops him back down. Flair whips Hurricane, Hurricane ducks and hits a flying forearm. The two begin to exchange blows and Hurricane regains the offensive.

Hurricane whips Flair into the turnbuckle and he is sent upside down and over to the outside. Hurricane hits a double ax handle from the apron and then proceeds to chop the hell out of Flair before rolling him back in. Flair hits a thumb to the eye and then punches him in the face.

Flair picks the Hurricane back up and chops him back down. Flair is bleeding from his left ear and Flair begins to strut before going for a blocked wind-up punch. The Hurricane comes back with a flying kick and goes for a pin, but Flair kicks out. The Hurricane goes up and connects with the Overcast neckbreaker, but Flair kicks out of the pin attempt.

Hurricane goes up top again, but is crotched on the ropes. Flair hits a chop block and then he drags Hurricane's leg and puts it on the bottom rope to be stomped on. Flair is on the outside as he slams Hurricane's leg down on the apron and then proceeds to beat the hell out of him before rolling Hurricane back in.

Flair hits another chop block and sets Hurricane up for the Figure Four. Flair locks it in and the Hurricane is struggling to fight out of it. The Hurricane is forced to tap out and the WWE has wasted another good talent. Flair should have put him over, not have him serve as jobber.

Winner: Ric Flair

The King is back with more wannabes, and he introduces Carmella DeCesare. Now this one could prove to be a RAW diva. She's looking pretty good and isn't as annoying as the others. She has two puppies, a Chocolate lab and a poodle. She wants to be a RAW diva because she wants to work for Vince McMahon. Her special talents are that she was a Playboy Playmate of the Year, if you'd consider that a talent. She gives a shout-out to Hugh Hefner and we go backstage.

Backstage Action:

Benoit confronts Eugene, and Eugene asks if he's mad. Benoit's not mad, and they talk about the recent happenings. Triple H is Eugene's favorite wrestler, and he wants to be World champ. Benoit tells Eugene that he is going to do whatever it takes to retain his title, and Eugene is fine with that. Eugene goes back to talking to his big stuffed monkey as we go to commercial.

Main Event (World Title) - Eugene vs. Chris Benoit (C):

I still have that feeling that this where Triple H will strike.

They lock up and Eugene backs Benoit into the corner. He hits a chop and Benoit is feeling it. Benoit retaliates with a chop of his own and Eugene applauds his effort. Benoit backs Eugene into a corner and chops away at him. Benoit hits a snap suplex and goes for a pin, but Eugene kicks out.

Benoit hits a back suplex and he goes for another pin, but Eugene kicks out. Benoit whips Eugene sternum first into the turnbuckle and follows it up with the rolling Germans. Benoit signals for the flying headbutt and he goes up top. As he flies off the top, Eugene rolls out of the way. Eugene goes for the pin, but Benoit kicks out. Eugene tries again, but to no avail.

Eugene goes for the Pedigree, but Benoit counters out of it with a back drop. Benoit punches Eugene and bounces off the ropes, and Eugene counters with a spinebuster. Eugene goes for the People's Elbow, but Benoit counters it with a Sharpshooter. Eugene is struggling to get to the ropes, and he does so to break the hold.

Benoit whips Eugene, and Benoit hits Eugene after he ducks to send him out of the ring. Eugene's angry now, and he's Hulking up. Eugene comes back with punches and ends it with a wind-up punch. Eugene whips Benoit and hits a back elbow. Eugene goes for a pin, but Benoit kicks out.

Eugene hits a snap suplex and goes for another pin, but Benoit kicks out. Eugene goes to body slam Benoit, but Benoit reverses, and then Eugene reverses. Eugene hits Benoit's rolling Germans followed by his version of the Crippler Crossface. Benoit is struggling to get to the ropes, and is close to tapping, but he manages to get his foot on the rope to break the hold.

Benoit whips Eugene into the corner, and he kicks out. Benoit tries for the Crossface, but Eugene counters it by sending Benoit shoulder first into the ring post. Eugene is stalking Benoit and he hits the Rock Bottom on Benoit, Eugene covers him, but Benoit gets his foot on the rope.

Eugene thinks he has won the title, and he leaves the ring to run around with the title. Evolution's music hits and all four members proceed to come out. Eugene thinks they have come to congratulate him, and Triple H applauds his effort, and then punches him. Evolution turns their attention to Benoit, and Eugene is trying to help his friend out, but Batista nails him.

Winner: No Contest since Evolution interferes

Flair is holding Eugene back as he witnesses the destruction of Chris Benoit. William Regal comes down and he proceeds to beat the hell out of Randy Orton, but it isn't long before he is beat down as well. Eugene comes back and he attacks Triple H and Orton, but Batista nails him again. Batista puts Eugene in a full nelson so Flair can go to work on him.

Orton and Batista stretch Eugene out and Triple H proceeds to punch the crap out of Eugene. Orton uppercuts him and then delivers the RKO. Triple H picks him up and sends him into Batista, who delivers the Batista Bomb. If Bischoff is so happy about what Eugene has done, why isn't he coming out to save him? Eugene has been busted open and Triple H smacks him followed by more punches. Triple H sets him up for the Pedigree and delivers.

The show ends with Evolution backing up the ramp while Eugene lies in the ropes after being kneed in the face by Triple H.

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