WWE House Show Results (7/12/04) - Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Report by: John Berka, rajah.com reader

Hi, my name is John Berka, and I attended the WWE Smackdown House Show last night at the Melody Tent. Here are the results:

The tent was packed last night, no empty seats, this was the first WWE show at the Melody Tent since 1998, I think.

They play the Smackdown theme song, and out comes Tony Chimmel, and a ref to an extremely loud pop.(Probably just because the show was starting.)

Match 1: Mark Jindrak w/ Teddy Long vs. Scotty 2 Hotty
Teddy comes out first and talks about how some people may have noticed trouble between him and Jindrak on Smackdown.. He says not to worry, because they have worked things out. He introduces Jindrak who is wearing Lex Luger's old cape. Teddy asks Jindrak to pick a woman in the crowd to come up in the ring. Jindrak says that there aren't any women in this crowd that are as good looking as he is.(isn't he a guy, though?) Out comes Scotty to an nice pop. Everyone liked the worm.. Average match w/ Scotty coming out victorious.
Winner: Scotty 2 Hotty

Match 2: Jamie Knoble vs. Funaki
Knoble comes out first to no reaction. Then Funaki comes out to a decent pop. Okay match, ends with Knoble winning.
Winner: Jamie Knoble

Match 3: Luther Reins vs. Charlie Hass vs. Charles Robinson
Mr. Angle and Luther come out first, and Angle talks about how he stripped cena of the US title on Smackdown. He says the board of directors forced him to give cena a title match, so he will tonight. Not for the US title, but for the WWE Championship against JBL. (HUGE pop from the crowd), which quickly turns to boos when Angle says that he will be ringside for that match to make sure it ends the way HE wants it to. Angle then talks about how Charles Robinson screwed up during the Sable/Torrie match at GAB, that Torrie's shoulders weren't on the mat, and how that makes him mad.(I thought he hated Torrie.) He tells Charles to get down here and that he has a match against Luther Reins. Luther beats on Charles for a few minutes until Charlie Hass comes out to make a save. Angle gets mad and makes a Triple threat match w/ Luther/Haas and Robinson, and in this match, Robinson is a ref AND a wrestler. Luther beats on Hass in the corner, while Robinson counts to get Luther out of the corner, but Luther shoves him down, since Robinson is also a wrestler in the match. After being shoved down several times, and support from the crowd, Robinson shoves Luther. Luther turns around to nail Robinson, but Hass rolls up Luther, and Robinson fast counts a 3 and its over!
Winner: Charlie Hass

Match 4: Kenzo Suzuki w/ Konoko vs. Spike Dudley
Kenzo comes out first, followed by spike who gets a nice pop. The match wasn't that great, anyway Kenzo wins.(have no idea why they pushing him.) Spike did the best he could..
Winner: Kenzo Suzuki

Match 5: Booker T vs. Rey Mysterio
Booker comes out first, actually to a nice pop. He quickly gets the fans to turn on him.. Throughout the match he goes outside the ring to yell at an older woman in the front row.. It was pretty funny when the crowd was cheering for the lady, she looked like she was ready to fight Booker. A kid in the crowd was holding up a huge foam middle finger at Booker, which made Booker laugh, but tried to cover it up. Rey comes out to a naturally LOUD pop. The match starts w/ Booker sticking his hand out to shake Rey's. Rey isn't sure, but eventually they have a clean hand shake. Booker then makes fun of Rey's size, but patting him on the top of his head. Eventually Rey gives Booker a stiff kick to the knee which starts the match. This was an awesome match w/ both booker and rey's moves. Booker does the Spin-a-Roonie to a pop. Rey hits the 619, followed by the West Coast Pop for the Win!
Winner: Rey Mysterio

Match 6: Rene Dupree vs. Orlando Jordan
Dupree comes out first, to loud boos. Then there are LOUD USA chants. Orlando Jordan comes out to a good pop, but I don't think too many people were familiar w/ his music, so they weren't sure who it was right away. VERY good match w/ action in and out of the ring. Orlando picks up the win.
Winner: Orlando Jordan

Match 7: The Dudley Boys vs. Billy Gunn and Hardcore Holly
Like Booker T, the Dudleys got a huge pop when they first came out, but quickly got the crowd to turn on them. Gunn and Hardcore come out together to Gunn's music. HUGE pop for these guys. This match was all around entertaining. Everyone loved Gunn and hardcore.. Hardcore Holly's chops to Devon sounded like Gun Shots! Again this was a great tag team match w/ lots of tags back and forth from both teams. Billy Gunn pinned Devon after the Fameasser.
Winners: Billy Gunn and Hardcore Holly

Match 8: Dawn Marie vs. Sable vs. Miss Jackie (Bikini Contest)
Loud pops for all these women. Basic contest w/ the crowd deciding the winner after they pose. Sable ended up winning, although the cheers seemed about equal to me.
Winner: Sable

Match 9: JBL vs. John Cena (WWE Title)
Mr. Angle was ringside. JBL comes out first to loud boos. He talks about how he is originally from Texas, where the current president is from, and we should show respect. He went on to bash John Kerry, and says how Bush will win the election.(more boos) He then brings up the oldest, yet most effective trick in the book of heels, comparing the New York Yankees to the Boston Red Sox. He says how the Sox will never will a world series, yadda yadda. He says that he is going to destroy Eddie Guererro is a steel cage this week on Smackdown, and end his career. He says tonight, he is going to destroy John Cena. The homestate boy, John Cena comes out to the loudest pop of the night. Decent match, w/ angle taking cheap shots on Cena when JBL had the ref distracted. Cena had a couple a near falls, which really got the crowd into it. Angle threw Cena's chain to JBL, who nailed Cena w/ it, while Angle had the ref distracted. JBL picks up the win.
Winner: John Bradshaw Layfield

After the match, Angle is in the ring celebrating w/ JBL. Cena gets up and knocks out Kurt. He then gave JBL the FU. Cena went up the isle, and JBL grabbed the mic, and and talked more trash. Cena came out again and gave JBL another FU to the crowd's liking. Cena ended the show saying how he loves us, and he starts a "Yankees Suck" chant. All in all, a good show. I was disappointed that Eddie and RVD weren't there, considering they were advertised on the commercial. But still a good show, I hope they come back next summer.