Dark Matches, Sunday Night Heat *Spoilers*, Notes (7/12/04) - Manchester, New Hampshire

Dan Michaud, faithful Montreal Canadiens fan (and rajah.com reader)

Hey Raj, love the site. Yeah, yeah, doesn't everybody?
Here are the dark matches, Heat taping matches, and a few notes for the 7/12 Raw
from Manchester, NH

Dark Matches

1. Carly Colon d. Arch Kincaid
-Note for future: These two might make it.

2. John Walter d. Antonio Promise
-Walter was billed as hailing from Nashua. At one point, he cried out in pain
before Promise locked in a surfboard. They both need some work.

Sunday Night Heat

1. Victoria d. Molly
- They toned down Victoria's entrance seeing as it's for Sunday night. It was a
fairly decent, nondescript match. Victoria won it with an small package.
Afterwards, Molly brought a chair into the ring, only to have a "mystery" woman (she
kind of looks like Ste... nah, couldn't be) come out and save Victoria.

2. Val Venis d. Chuck Palumbo
-Really don't get Chuck's gimmick. Looks like some kind of modernized Razor Ramon.
He had nice skeleton gloves, though. It was a pretty even match, back and forth,
and you could tell that they couldn't hear each other very well. Venis took over in
the end and wrapped it up with the Money Shot.

3. Randy Orton d. Rosey
- Orton spent most of the match on the mat, Rosey worked all his moves in, and then
telegraphed a corner charge. Orton followed up with the RKO for the 1-2-3.

Notes -- there was a serious injury to Eugene that looked legitimate. He appeared
to have a large hole cut open on his throat. It looked like they were getting ready
to do a tracheotomy at one point. Benoit didn't even acknowledge the fans
afterward, and everyone looked worried. If it was a part of the show, they really
pulled it off well.

Other than that, approximately half the arena was blocked off. We were given
comp tickets 5 rows from the floor, instead of our original top level seats.
The attendance was worse for Raw than for Vengeance (I was at both). I hope
business picks up soon.