Live Notes From WWE Raw Diva Search: Randy Orton, Triple H, & More

Thanks To John Permaul for sending in the following:

Here is some live notes from the RAW Diva Search Casting Special. Before the show a local radio station, KRock, distributed RAW Diva Search stickers and held a contest. Since a great quantity of stickers were given to the fans (between my brother, Moses, and I we had a total of 97 large rectangled stickers), the radio hosts wanted to see "creative works" using the stickers. A few people but them on their faces, etc. However, the winner was a kid who was completely covered head to toe with the stickers.

During the actual broadcast video packages were played when the casting special went to commerical breaks. The Chris Benoit Desire, Rey Mysterio Originals music video, a divas video, and a few others played. A Ric Flair one played as well (from past experience Ric Flair has left an autograph scession early and left hundreds of fans including myself standing on 43rd Street, and didn't treat fans at his autograph cessions properly, so I'm backing up Bret Hart).

After the Mae Young/Moolah/Jericho segment all three went to center stage and Randy Orton stood up. He then went over and Moolah kissed him. Randy Orton then turns around and not only kisses Moolah, but Mae Young. During a different commercial break Triple H acknowleged the crowd and tossed his water bottle into the audience.

I'm not really sure when the show officially went off air. After the recap video played at the end Moolah and Mae Young came back out and danced on stage. The Coach went to meet them on stage (during the second round I believe two of the potential divas came out and was not introduced. This happened since the Coach's microphone went dead). When Moolah and Mae exited the stage the Coach stayed for a little bit and signed autographs. My brother and I were able to get our tickets autographed and a picture of him.

Overall the fans in the Beacon Center loved the show. When my brother and I got there before the show started there wasn't alot of people, but right before showtime most of the fans showed up. I'm not sure how it looked on television, but it was pretty awesome in person.

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