Official WWE Raw Preview 07/19/04: Eugene, Triple H, Divas & More

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Last Thursday night, over 25 of the world's most beautiful women competed for just 10 spots in the finals of the $250,000 RAW Diva Search. RAW Superstars Triple H, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho and Edge made the decision. Tonight, you make the decision. Watch RAW, as all 10 girls strut their stuff for you, the fans. Then decide which girl hits the bricks.

On Monday Night RAW last week, Eugene thought he had captured the World Heavyweight Championship. Then, during his post-match celebration, he thought his new "friends" Evolution were coming down to celebrate with him. Little did he know that the faction was coming to tear him apart. Led by Triple H, Evolution decimated Eugene, leaving him a bloody mess. What will happen next in the Eugene/Evolution saga? Tune in to RAW to find out (9/8 CT on Spike TV).

More Details on McMahon & Hart Meeting + Further Details on the Flair/Hart Controversy & Tonight's Confirmed Matches For RAW!