Live Notes From Last Night's Raw: Diva Search, Iron Man & Orton

Thanks to Josh Moreno for sending in the following:

I attended WWE RAW LIVE at the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, PA on July 26th,,, Overall, the wrestling matches on the show were EXCELLENT but the bad thing was that there WERE ONLY TWO MATCHES!!!!!!! If they hadn't spent so much time on the Diva Search, they could have put two more matches in there. Random notes...

--No opening pyros... Even though Lillian Garcia told us there would be.

--Attending an Iron Man Match can be pretty boring in person.. Only because they keep that clock up the whole time on the screen so every time I looked at it, only like a minute or two had passed.

-The biggest pop by far was Eugene when he returned to RAW in the end of the Iron Man Match.

-The Mellon Arena was 98% full if not sold out.... As I said before, I work for a Ticketmaster outlet and on Sunday, there were only a couple hundred seats available..

-After the show, Eugene left followed by a standing ovation for Triple H as he was walked up the ramp by Evolution (minus Randy Orton).. Once they reached the top of the ramp, Triple H did a victory pose while his music came on. Very awesome moment.

-Lillian Garcia thanked us for attending while the RAW theme song played as we left the arena.

Overall, 4 out of 5 for this RAW.. The only thing was that being there in person it felt like most of the show was backstage or DIVA SEARCH. It felt like I was watching the TitanTron more than the ring because there were only TWO MATCHES!!!!!!!!

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