News on WWE Shows in Kentucky, Official GAB PPV Figures, WWE Expanding

- The 6/13 WWE PPV was originally scheduled to be held in Louisville, Kentucky but was moved to Columbus, Ohio after the new Governor insisted on upholding a 20-year-old law where wrestling and boxing revenues are taxed. As a result, WWE will no longer be holding any PPVs in Kentucky unless the law is overturned, but they will continue to run house shows.

- The first official figure for the Great American Bash PPV was 240,000 buys for a 0.44 buyrate which as reported before is a lot higher than expected. That is up from the 205,000 buys for the Judgment Day PPV and only 15,000 buys lower than the much stronger last RAW brand PPV.

- There are internal plans to greatly expand the developmental system in WWE with possibly three new territories being added in Connecticut, Atlanta and Tampa.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter.