WWE Notes, TNA Wrestlers Upset With Rhodes, Plans For Evolution; New Member?

- Word has it that Rikishi has been telling his friends at a recent UPW show that he is planning to record an album

- Joanie "Chyna" Laurer performed with her band at a recent UPW show and was booed. She wanted to perform a second song but the fans booed the idea.

- Sean O'Haire is currently training for K1 and is very confident that he will do well. He has been telling friends that he is happy he is no longer with WWE because he did not like the pressure of the job.

- Many TNA's wrestlers are upset with Dusty Rhodes getting the main event spotlight at his age. They appreciate the veteran leadership he brings backstage, but don't feel he should be used as one of the main eventers.

- Most backstage believe that Randy Orton will defeat Chris Benoit at SummerSlam and capture the World Title. This defeat will then turn him face, which will lead to him leaving Evolution. It seems that WWE is already planning for a Orton vs. Triple H World Title match at WrestleMania 21, but the rumored plan is to have Triple H be the face in that match.

There is a possibility that Edge will turn heel and be involved in Orton's face turn. After SummerSlam, WWE is considering having Edge feud with Chris Benoit. There have been various rumors going around saying that WWE may put Edge in Evolution once Orton is gone from the group.

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Credit: PWTorch.com Newsletter