Sable & Lesnar Engaged, Eddie Guerrero's Smackdown Role, Undertaker / Heidenreich

* As things stand now, the Undertaker's opponent after Summerslam will be John Heidenreich. While many feel he just "doesn't have it", McMahon is still said to be fond of the character.

* Eddie Guerrero will be making appearances on Smackdown in non-wrestling roles while injured, but will not be working house shows.

* It looks as if Brock Lesnar and Rena "Sable" Mero are officially engaged as they recently appeared on a Minnesota sports television show which showed a clip was shown of him walking with Sable at Vikings' training camp. He could be heard in the clip introducing her as "my fiance, Rena." An article in The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that the couple was mobbed about by about 30 autograph seekers. Lesnar stated that football fans are "a lot more polite than wrestling fans."

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[News derived from the PWTorch newsletter]