Sean O'Haire's First Interview Since Departing From WWE

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This week, the Voice of Wrestling,, went live again with special guest, Sean O'Haire. You can hear this interview along with many others including Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ric Flair, Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho and more by visiting and checking out the "Archives" section. The Voice of Wrestling can be heard live every Sunday evening from 6-8 EST by joining the live feed located on the site.

Now, to the Sean O'Haire interview:

The hosts began by plugging the fact that this was his first interview since leaving the WWE and asked what he had been doing since being gone. K1 is the direction he's taking now and Chisum made the mistake of saying he was surprised O'Haire went that route. "I was the baddest a$$ in WWE and WCW and you expect me not to do real fighting?"

Once all was calm after the hosts coming to the agreement that Sean could handle K1, talk quickly changed to the recent allegations made against him. Against his attorney's orders, Sean discussed what took place that night in the bar. "I don't put up with any sh*t," he admits, "and they don't mention the four guys I put down before the two girls".

Supposedly, these four guys were making jokes at Sean once they realized who he was. As he's manhandling these four (he says he's just being nice and that that there was actually five) men, his $230 shirt was ripped. When he turned around to see who it was, this girl hits him in the mouth. He then kicked her boyfriend down and she tripped over him, but didn't get hurt. "I have four witnesses. One was the owner of the bar; one was actually an ex-girlfriend. I was there with another girl and my ex-girlfriend even took up for me." Self-defense is what was reported and in worst-case scenario, he'll only
have to pay a $230 fine.

According to Sean, it was a mutual decision between him and WWE to go separate ways. "It was a mutual agreement of if I wasn't used the way I wanted to be used, I wasn't going to become a different person," he explains, "because I'm not that good of an actor. He believes he brought something new and unique to the sport and they [WWE] didn't want to utilize it. Real fighting is something he truly loves and he's glad to have the opportunity. His trainers are telling him he could rise to the top in K1 within the next year or two.

Piper's release from the company seemed to have some sort of fall-back on O'Haire, in his opinion, and he has no idea why. "I don't want to know why. I don't even want to ask why because that would drive me nuts." He loved working with Piper and after Chris said that Roddy comes across a little "weird", Sean said everyone's weird. "I don't want to be around someone who's not weird". As far as ever returning to the WWE in the future, he has no desire to at all.

Also on the show, the latest cast-off from the Raw Diva search, Camille Anderson joined the show to discuss her experience in the WWE. Unfortunately, as she said, there wasn't much gossip to give. She had a great time and was treated very well there. The contest wasn't rigged to her knowledge and they had no idea what was going to take place when they did - even the Kamala segment. As far as the recent rumors about Carmella's attitude backstage, Camille says that she was late a couple times, but that was it.

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