WWE Favoring One Diva Over The Others, Wrestler's Upset With Diva Dodgeball, & More

**The Raw Search Diva hopeful, Carmella, is the girlfriend of the Cleveland Browns quarterback, Jeff Garcia.

**Also, in news related to Carmella, there is word going around that she is getting alot better treatment than the other Diva hopefuls, which may be due to Playboy, but also that the WWE would not be upset if she won.

**Ric Flair will appear on McEnroe on CNBC tonight at 10.

**There are some wrestlers who are upset at being left off SummerSlam only to be replaced by Diva Dodgeball. The segment is said to run very quickly, but still leaving a few wrestler's out in the dark.

WWE Wrestlers Very Upset Over Diva Dodgeball & Furiuos At McMahon + Flair Being Left Off SummerSlam & Update On Sting

[Credit: Pwinsider]