WWE Smackdown! *Spoilers* (8/10/04) - Detroit, Michigan

Report by: pwinsider.com

*Smackdown opens with WWE champion John Bradshaw Layfield coming out with his limo. Bradshaw and Orlando Jordan come to the ring. Bradshaw cuts a promop saying that Undertaker beat a lot of great champions in the past, naming names like Bret Hart, but he hasn't beaten JBL. He promises that he will beat Undertaker at Summerslam. Bradshaw introduces Orlando Jordan as his "Chief of Staff." Jordan says that JBL thought him that he has to take what he wants, not wait for his turn. He says that they petitioned Teddy Long tonight and Orlando Jordan will face Undertaker later on Smackdown.

*WWE Cruiserweight champion Spike Dudley pinned Paul London. London was with Billy Kidman. The Dudleys come out and take out Kidman. They interfere to set up the pin. After the match, they give Kidman the 3-D and whip London with a belt.

*They air a Heidenreich promo.

*Backstage, Scotty Too Hotty confronts Spike Dudley. Hotty says that he and Spike used to be friends and he doesn't understand what's come over him. Dudley slaps Hotty and says that he got nothing being nice. The Dudleys laugh at Hotty and walk off.

*Kurt Angle comes into Teddy Long's office. He says that since Eddie Guerrero auctioned off his property, he wants the money from it. Long says that the money went to charity. Angle gets mad and Long says that if he has a problem with it, he should go to the ring and explain why. Angle says he will.

*Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross discuss the Raw Summerslam matches. Michael Cole and Tazz go over the Smackdown matches.

Also announced for later is a "Summer Games Relay"

*Nunzio pinned Chavo Guerrero.

*The Undertaker defeated Orlando Jordan by DQ when John Bradshaw Layfield hit the ring and nailed UT with the Clothesline from Hell

*Teddy Long comes out and discusses Summerslam. He brings out Kurt Angle, then Eddie Guerrero. They go back and forth talking about their history. Long gets them to shake hands and they face off to promo their PPV match.

The main event is going on right now - It is Team Cena (John Cena & Charlie Haas & Rob Van Dam) vs. Team Booker (Booker T & Luther Reigns & Rene Dupree) in the "Summer Games Relay."

The "Summer Games Relay" was a six man tag, sort of. The match started with a member of each team in the ring with a five minute time period. If a pinfall or submission didn't occur, then the team that won a coin toss would get "the relay" and then switch to another team member. If there wasn't a finish by the end of the relay, the other team got to send a member in, and so on.

The match started with Booker T vs. Rob Van Dam. At the end of the period, Reigns joined the match as Booker's team won the coin toss. The third period hit and Hass entered, then Dupree, then Cena, then Booker again. Cena pinned Booker.

After they went off the air, Cena spoke to the crowd.