WWE Concerned About RAW Ratings, SummerSlam/Byte This, Andre the Giant #8

* This week on TSN SportsCenter, they listed their favorite 10 athletes of all time and Andre the Giant came in at #8. Of course they showed the footage of Andre vs Hogan at WM 3 and played the audio of Gorilla Monsoon making the call.

* With this week's dismal 3.2 RAW rating, many within the company were shocked by such a low rating, especially heading up to the SummerSlam PPV. Some feel that those working with the RAW brand are becoming too nearsighted and aren't seeing the obvious flaws with the product that the fans are seeing. Others blame the 16% drop from the previous week on the NFL Pre-Season Hall of Fame game that was played on Monday, however in previous years the RAW rating for the same week improved or stayed the same from the week before so that theory can be tossed out. Whatever the reason, things aren't looking too good heading into one of the biggest PPV events of the year for the WWE.

* WWE's Byte This will have no special guests this week, which is alarming since it airs only 3 days before SummerSlam.

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