WWE News: Sammartino Meets Vince, PPV Notes, Undertaker/Heidenreich

- Bruno Sammartino was at the WWE RAW show on July 26 in Pittsburgh to work on a documentary about his life and also because he's been offered a role as an announcer for the new 24/7 channel. Sammartino even had a cordial meeting with Vince McMahon at the show, which represents the first time the two have spoken since a public confrontation in 1992.

- WWE will no longer be running three PPVs over a six week period after the 7/11 Vengeance PPV (headlined by Chris Benoit vs. HHH) came in with disappointing numbers. The preliminary estimates are 220,000 buys and a 0.41 buyrate, which is down 39% from the year before. Overall, the three shows in six weeks did about 715,000 buys compared to 750,000 buys for two shows in the same period last year.

- Undertaker has been working extensively with John Heidenreich as of late because that's going to be his next feud and because Heidenreich is not ready and is thus, under pressure from everyone.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter.