WWE Smackdown! Report (8/12/04) - Taped in Detroit, Michigan

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Credit: Wade Keller @ pwtorch.com

-Michael Cole and Tazz introduced the show and plugged the Team Cena (Rob Van Dam & Charlie Haas & Rob Van Dam) vs. Team Booker T (Luther Reigns & Rene Dupree & Booker T) "Summer Games Relay Match" later on the show.

-Bradshaw got out of his white limo and walked to the ring for a show-opening promo. Orlando Jordan accompanied him to the ring wearing an expensive suit. He used hand sanitized just as JBL does once he got to the ring. He said he was quoting President Nixon in saying, "I am not a midget." He added that he is not intimidated by Undertaker. He said unlike cars built in Detroit, he said he is a sleek, sexy machine that is built to last. He introduced Orlando Jordan as his new Chief of Staff. Jordan did some nice mic work, saying he grew tired of waiting for handouts and opportunity to come to him, so he's taken the initiative to get his career going forward by working for Bradshaw. Bradshaw told Jordan like the troops overseas he has looked evil in the face and took it on. Bradshaw said he is so confident in him that he talked to Teddy Long and secured him a match against Undertaker. Jordan tried to force a smile, but looked scared at the prospect. Cole said Jordan didn't show any bravery last week, he just yanked Bradshaw out of the ring and ran to the back.

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Cole said doctors haven't cleared Rey Mysterio to be at Summerslam, but he is cleared to be at the PPV on Sunday. Tazz praised Spike for coming to the ring alone and criticized London for being accompanied by Kidman. Shortly thereafter Bubba and D-Von walked to the ring. Tazz said it was good that Spike's brothers were showing him support. In the end, Bubba yanked Spike out of London's path on a 450 splash.

WINNER: Spike Dudley at 3:44.

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-The Dudleys were walking backstage. Scotty 2 Hotty asked Spike what happened. He said he used to be friends with him, but he's changed. Spike said he hasn't changed, he's gone home. He said the only thing that's changed about him is he has the Cruiserweight Title. He said now that he has the belt and his brothers, he doesn't need friends. He then slapped Scotty. When Scotty moved toward Spike, Bubba and D-Von stopped him.

-Kurt Angle barged into Teddy Long's office. He demanded to get the money for his stolen goods that Guerrero auctioned. Long said the money went to charity. Angle made a good point by saying it was still his stuff. By Long's logic, I should be able to steel his car as long as if I sell it, I give the proceeds to charity. Long said he'd give Angle a chance to face the people in the ring and express his gripe. Angle said he was concerned that Guerrero might jump him.

-Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler plugged the Raw-brand matches for Summerslam from their Raw announcing table. Ross said they were enjoying Smackdown, but were looking forward to Summerslam more.

-Cole and Tazz then plugged the Smackdown-brand matches for Summerslam.

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2 -- NUNZIO (w/Johnny Stamboli) vs. CHAVO GUERRERO JR.

Johnny the Bull interfered to help Nunzio reverse a pin attempt and get the win. Cole called it a "big win for Nunzio."

WINNER: Nunzio at 2:17.

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Undertaker dominated the first four minutes including a top rope walk into a forearm and a face-first plant, but Jordan showed good fight and kicked out of a pin attempt. Then Jordan took control with a low blow as JBL distracted the ref. Jordan and JBL dominated Taker until a comeback at 6:45. Then JBL entered with a clothesline prompting the DQ.

WINNER: Undertaker via DQ at 6:49.

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-Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero faced off in the ring. Angle complained about Guerrero stealing his stuff. Angle said Guerrero hasn't proven he can beat him without cheating. They went for a while, then Teddy Long interrupted and challenged them, in the spirit of the Summer Games, to shake hands "if you're man enough." They stared each other down for a minute, then Guerrero offered his right hand. Angle stared back for 15 seconds, then finally shook his hand. They pulled in tight and did a little intense trash talking. Not bad, not great. Solid segment, but perhaps paced a bit too slow.

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-Cole explained the rules of the following Summer Games match.

Cena, RVD, and Haas (w/Miss Jackie) walked to the ring. Cena said: "The champ is here, the champ is here, the champ is here in Detroit." Someone's been watching Samoa Joe matches on Ring of Honor tapes. Cena said he is ready to rock with Mr. Thursday Night (RVD, who needs to pick a day and stick to it). He said Haas was on his team because of Miss Jackie and her big (pause) eyes.

Booker's team came to the ring.

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The match began with Booker T vs. RVD for five minutes with their partners at ringside. They're getting creative here like TNA with their creative gimmick matches. Let's hope, unlike TNA sometimes, they actually put some thought into the execution of the gimmick concept. With 11 seconds left in the first five minute period, RVD hit a Frog Splash, but he couldn't make the pin before Reigns was admitted into the match as a fresh man able to take advantage of a worn out RVD because Booker's team won the coin toss.

[Commercial Break]

Most of the RVD vs. Reigns period was during the commercial break. Charlie Haas then entered for RVD at 10:00. Cole "gave props" to Theordore Long for creating an exciting match, as if Cole would have any instinct for what is or isn't an exciting match. This certainly wasn't. It was standard second tier Smackdown heavyweight action. They cut away for another commercial as Reigns had Haas on the mat with a chinlock with his knee driven into Haas's back. Hey, it's better than a chinlock with light showing. Luther actually looked like he was trying to hurt Haas, and Haas looked like he was in pain and trying to escape the hold.

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Dupree applied a crossface like submission on Haas near the end of their five minute stretch, but he lasted long enough to avoid tapping out. Cena then came in against Dupree next. Dupree avoided an FU late in the five minute period twice. Booker T then entered against Cena. Booker flew over the top rope when he missed a flying kick. RVD took some shots at Booker and threw him back into the ring where Cena scored the three count with a schoolboy with 2;54 remaining in their period. That led to a brief brawl with everyone, then a celebration mid-ring with the babyfaces.

WINNERS: Cena & RVD & Haas.