WWE SummerSlam Results (8/15/04) - Toronto, Ontario

WWE SummerSlam
Toronto, Canada
August 15, 2004

WWE SummerSlam pregame show has begun and the action will be underway in the next 20 minutes so stay tuned to the site for the latest coverage. They kick off the event showing clips leading up too all the matches tonight, including Diva Dodgeball.

The fireworks start off and we are ready to get underway. J.R. & The King welcome us to the 17th SummerSlam and let everyone know that it is sold out tonight. We are next introduced to the Spanish announce team and then Michael Cole and Tazz. Bubba Ray, Spike, Devon make their way down to the ring.

Rey Mysterio, Paul London, Billy Kidman vs The Dudleys

Next out is Rey Mysterio, Kidman, and London. We are now set for the six man match to get underway. The match kicks off with the Dudley's using good teamwork to take down Paul London. Spike hits London off the top rope and then distracts the ref, while Devon and Bubba work him over in the corner. The crowd begins to chant for "the tables".

Spike tags in Bubba who hits a suplex and the a headbutt on the mat followed by an elbow. Kidman is able to distract the referee so that London avoids the three count.

Finally we get Spike Dudley and Rey Mysterio in the ring and Mysterio begins to pick him apart. He fights all three of the Dudley Boys will also working over Spike. Billy Kidman then gets in the action by hitting a flying elbow off the top rope. Kidman rolls Spike up for a pin, but Bubba breaks up the pin attempt. London then hits a dropkick on Bubba through the ropes and the double team work on Spike begins. Kidman goes up to the top rope and hits the shooting star press and nails it, but as he goes for the cover he is pulled outside by Devon.

The Dudleys crawl into the ring and nail Londone with a quick 3-D. That's it and the Dudley's win the match.

Winners: Dudley's

Kane vs Matt Hardy

Next up we see clips of The Kane/Lita/Matt Hardy storyline, with Matt Hardy coming to the ring first, followed by Lita, then followed by Kane.

Both men go at each other, Matt mounts the first big offense with a twist of fate on the outside as the referee begins his ten count. Lita looks excited that Matt Hardy may actually win. Kane finally rolls into the ring and Matt Hardy hammers him with kicks to the chest.

This match ends very quickly with Kane nailing Matt Hardy with a quick chokeslam and a quick 1-2-3 for the win. Lita looks on in disbelief as she will now have to marry Kane. J.R. and King play it up as though the world has just ended as Kane exits the arena.

Winner: Kane

John Cena vs Booker T

Backstage we have an interview with Randy Orton, who is quickly interupted by John Cena. Cena then ribs on Randy about being so hot and thanks him for giving him such a great introduction. Cena then asks the crowd if Orton is going to win the title tonight and they respond with a "no". Cena then hypes his match with Booker T before leaving.

Booker T makes his way to the ring next, followed by John Cena. Cena plays to the crowd abit before he is attacked by Booker T. Booker T takes control of the match and tosses him out of the ring. Cena is sent into the security wall and then back into the ring, but he has yet to go for a cover in this match.

Booker T has totally dominated Cena up to the point. Hitting move after move, but he has yet to go for a cover, as though he is trying to send a message to Cena. Cena does however get a quick rollup, but is unable to hold him down. Booker T then goes for an axe kick but no one is home and Cena lands a kick ot the face.

Cena tries to get up, but Booker T gets too his feet first and works Cena back down to the canvas. Booker T now sets up for the spinarooni.

As Booker T gets ready to finish off Cena, Cena dodges and nails the FU and quickly rolls Booker T up to take the first fall out of a five series.

Winner: John Cena

Backstage Eric Bischoff greets the new GM of Smackdown!, Teddy Long. Bischoff tells Long he will be surprised to see him as the GM of Smackdown! at Survivor Series because there have been so many GM's to come and go. Long then tells Bischoff that he is going to try and sign Eugene and any other Raw Superstar who is tired of putting up with him.

Batista vs Edge vs Jericho

Out comes Batista, followed by Jericho and then Edge who gets a huge ovation because he is from Toronto. As the match starts, Edge immediatley goes after Batista. Batista is being hammered on by both Jericho and Edge, before they toss him to the outside and then face off with one another in the middle of the ring.

The crowd begins to root for Jericho moreso than Edge. Jericho is able to ground Edge to the mat and then hits a quick Walls of Jericho. Edge tries to get to the ropes but Jericho pulls him into the middle of the ring. As Edge is about to tap out, Batista rolls into the ring to break up the submission move.

Jericho eliminates Batista with a springboard and it's now down to Edge & Jericho as the crowd starts to chant for Y2J.

Out of nowhere, Edge hits a huge spear on Jericho and gets a quick 1-2-3, just as the crowd was getting into the match. Another quick match.

Winner: Edge

Eddie Guerrero vs Kurt Angle

They show a vid recap of the Angle/Guerrero fued up to the point. Angle is first in the ring followed by Eddie. Eddie quickly gets in the ring and goes for an ankle lock, which is Angle's move. He then hits a headlock takedown as both men try to take the advantage.

Eddie Guerrero capatilizes quickly and hooks on the ankle lock. Angle is in agony in the middle of the ring. Angle tries to get to the ropes. Angle somewhow is able to reverse the ankle lock and hooks it on Guerrero.

Angle keeps the ankle lock on for a good amount of time, before Guerrero is finally able to break the hold by getting to the ropes. Angle then sends Guerrero into the corner and hits a few knife edge chops. Angle drops Guerrero in the middle of the ring and hooks on a new submission move, but Eddie is able to break up the hold with a scratch to the eyes.

Kurt continues to hammer on Eddie. Eddie is bleeding from the eye. Also, Angle begins to unlace Eddie's boot as though he is going to continue to work on the ankle. Out of nowhere, Eddie Guerrero hits the Olympic Slam. Both men are down now on the mat, but Eddie is really struggling with his injured ankle. Guerrero then hits a DDT and plants Angle into the mat.

Angle hits the Olympic Slam, but Guerrero kicks out. Angle looks frustrated. Angle then removes Guerrero's boot and hooks on the Ankle lock as Eddie screams in pain. Eddie uses all his might to send Angle into the referee. The ref is out and Angle is down. Guerrero gets up and grabs his boot and nails Angle with it. He then goes to get the ref and go for a 3 count.

Eddie Guerrero's eye seems to be injured, because of a thumb to the eye. It's almost as if he is bleeding from the eye which you can see below. Angle hooks on another ankle lock in the middle of the ring after exposing Eddie's ankle. Eddie tries to reverse three times, but cannot shake off Angle in the middle of the ring before he finally taps out. Eddie looks upset after the match.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Triple H vs Eugene

Out comes Triple H, as they recap the long history between him and Eugene. Then we hear Eugene's music as he makes his way to the ring.

HHH begins to disect Eugene after hitting him with a huge back flip off the ropes. HHH quickly grounds Eugene and then goes to the outside and begins to clear off the Spanish Announce Table! He gets Eugene and tries to suplex him over the top rope and onto the outside, but Eugene is able to pull HHH back into the ring.

Eugene gains some momentum until HHH fakes a knee injury and Eugene looks concerned. He calls the referee over but HHH fools them both and sends Eugene to the outside of the ring. HHH begins to hammer on Eugene, but out of nowhere, Eugne hits a Rock Bottom . HHH quickly recovers however, following up with a spinebuster on Eugene. He then gets on the mat and goes on an all out assult on Eugene.

HHH takes Eugene to the outside of the ring and sends him into the steel steps. Eugene is then rolled back into the ring and HHH applies a sleeper hold to the already worn down Eugene.

Eugene battles his way out of the sleeper and hits a few right hands before nailing HHH with a "Stone Cold Stunner". Eugene then tosses HHH outside and then back into the ring as the crowd gets behind him. Ric Flair is on his way to the ring.

Flair distracts Eugene as HHH tries to hook on a pedigree which is reversed and Eugene hits HH with a pedigree. Flair breaks up the pin and the referee tosses him from ringside.

Flair is leaving the arena when he is met by William Regal with brass knucks. Regal knocks Flair out cold and runs to the ring, but before he can get there, HHH hits Eugene with a third pedigree and wins the match. Flair saved HHH from the three count and in the end Regal could not get there in time to make the save,

Winner: HHH

Up next we have Diva Dodgeball. All the Diva's are in bikini tops and the competition does not take place in the arena but takes place on a court somewhere else. The Diva's are getting killed in this competition. It's 5-2 with the hopeful's winning. Coach is commentating the competition. Nidia is the last to get eliminated as the Diva Hopeful's totally dominate the WWE Diva's. However, all the ladies did look very very nice.

Winner: Raw Diva Search Ladies

After the competition, the Diva's start to catfight with the Raw Diva hopefuls. Trish Stratus goes after one of the ladies, but the WWE Diva's pull her back.

The Undertaker vs John Bradshaw

JBL trys to go on the offensive quickly, but the Undertaker totally dismantles him. He hooks on a quick armbar and then drives JBL down to the mat.

The Undertaker is pinpointing that left arm of JBL, by ramming it into the steel steps, then going up to the top rope and going "old school" with a blast to the left shoulder. The Undertaker goes for a cover, but JBL kicks out at 2.

With the help of Orlando Jordan, JBL is able to recover and now he singles out Undertaker's knee. He grabs a steel chair and nails the Undertakers knee against the steel ring post. Undertaker somehow hits a boot to the face as both men fall to the outside of the ring.

Undertaker is hurting as he tries to limp to JBL but JBL takes out the Taker's knee again. JBL gets Taker back in the ring and does an armbar rollover. Quickly, both men are back on the outside. JBL and Taker square off in front of the Spanish Announce Table and Taker hits a huge right hand to the skull of JBL.

JBL finally is able to roll back in the ring and mount some offense against the Undertaker as he once again goes to work on the Undertakers knee. Undertaker tries to go for a chokeslam, but he can't support JBL with his bad knee. JBL again goes to the knee and then a spine buster. JBL goes for a quick cover.

The Undertaker now has full control as he hits a chokeslam, BUT cannot get the 3 count. Orlando jumps onto the ring.

JBL hits a huge clothesline from hell. Undertaker somehow kicks out. Both men go for a clotheslines and take each other out and the referee in the process.

JBL hits another clothesline from hell, but Taker kicks out. Taker then gets up and hits the tombstone but the referee is knocked out.

Undertaker now grabs the belt, but as he does, the referee comes too. He calls for the bell and DQ'a the Undertaker, who then snaps. He takes JBL down the aisle and clams into the car and windsheild, where JBL is busted open badly.

Winner: JBL

The Undertaker leaves, but then comes back and Taker takes JBL and chokeslam's him through the roof of the limo. The EMT's are now out working on a bloody JBL. As they walk out, Orland Jordan places the belt around JBL on the stretcher.

Randy Orton vs Chris Benoit

Orton makes his way to the ring, followed by Chris Benoit.The bell rings and both men stare each other down in the middle of the ring. The lock up with neither man gaining the advantage.

Orton wheels Benoit into the corner and breaks it cleanly after the ref steps in. They lock up in a Greco-Roman knuckle lock, where Benoit hooks on an overhand wristlock and a backheel trip.

Randy Orton hooks on the sharpshooter and Benoit struggles to get to the ropes. Benoit lifts himself up and tries to break out of the sharpshooter. Benoit counters the move and reverses with a sharpshooter on Orton and just as he gets the ropes, Benoit hooks on the crippler crossface.

Orton goes for a quick cover on Benoit and almost gets a 3 count. He then goes right back to work on Benoit's already injured neck. Both men finally get up and have a mid-air collision and are back down for a 10 count. Both men try to get to their feet, but Benoit is first and lands some right hands and then a elbow off the top rope.

Benoit now is relentless as he hooks on a sharpshooter as Orton tries to get to the ropes and he is fading. Orton can't quite get to the ropes as Benoit tries to pull him back, but Orton grabs the bottom rope. The damage has been done.

Chris Benoit goes for the headbutt off the top rope, but Orton blocks it with his knees! Orton's mout is busted along with his face as blood begins to trickle out. Orton is still laid out on the ring. Orton goes for an inside cradle, but then Benoit hooks on the crippler crossface in the middle of the ring. Orton tries to get the ropes.

Benoit has it hooked in good, but Orton grabs the ropes. Benoit gets up and out of nowhere, Orton hits the RKO.

Orton rolls over onto Benoit and covers him. 1-2-3 & Randy Orton has become the youngest Heavyweigh Champion ever in WWE history.

Winner: Randy Orton

After the match, Chris Benoit comes back down to the ring and extends his hand to Randy Orton as the crowd boos. Then Orton shakes it after Benoit tells him "to be a man" and the crowd begins to cheer. J.R. comments at the class that Benoit just showed as he exits the arena and Orton celebrates his heavyweight title.

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