WWE RAW Report (8/16/04) - London, Ontario

WWE RAW Report
London, Ontario

Randy Orton Interview
-The new World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton comes out for the night's opening interview as confetti and golden balloons fall from the ceiling. Orton starts off by saying that everyone thought that he couldn't defeat Chris Benoit. But he did it to become the youngest world champion in WWE history. He asks all the 24-year olds in the audience to stand up and take their shirts off as a way to show his superiority. Orton concludes by saying that the era of Randy Orton has only just begun when Chris Benoit's music hits. Benoit says he just came back from Eric Bischoff's office and he's going to get his rematch for the title tonight. Benoit leaves as a shocked Orton is left to ponder.

Rhyno vs. Sylvain Grenier (All or Nothing Match)
-If Rhyno wins, he and Tajiri get a title shot at Unforgiven. If Grenier wins, Rhyno and Tajiri will never be in contention for the titles again. On the outside, Rob Conway beats up Tajiri and then proceeds to interfere in the match. Finally, when Grenier attempts to use the flag at ringside, Tajiri gets up, spits some mist into his face and allows Rhyno to score the pin.

We see the official invitation for the Kane-Lita wedding, courtesy of Kane himself who not only printed the card but reads it out loud for us.

Tonight, it's Edge vs. Kane for the Intercontinental title.

Still shots of the Matt Hardy vs. Kane match from last night's SummerSlam are shown.

Backstage, Jonathan Coachman catches up to Lita and asks for her comments on the latest series of events. Coach talks about the wedding next week and asks her what's on her mind right now. Lita tells him that she'd like to be left alone. She enters the women's lockerroom and is greeted by the rest of the WWE divas, who have decided to throw a bridal shower. Molly's presents are birth control pills and condoms, Gail Kim gives her a big picture of Kane kissing Lita, Trish gives her a picture of a baby which is half Kane's face and half Lita's. And finally, Jazz gives her a vibrator, saying that now she has a big red machine of her own. Lita walks away disgusted, Trish follows her but is confronted by Victoria. Trish asks Victoria who her coach for dodgeball was - Stevie Wonder? Victoria proceeds to slap Trish before walking away.

We get a quick promo saying Shawn Michaels will return at Unforgiven.

Victoria vs. Gail Kim
-Gail tries her head scissors arm bar finisher but Victoria battles out of it as "You screwed Bret" chants start towards Earl Hebner. Victoria eventually hits the Widow's Peak and scores the pin but soon thereafter, Trish Stratus runs in and with Tyson Tomko restraining Victoria, Trish punches her in the face. Afterwards, Tyson tries to gorilla press Victoria but the man in drag (Steven Richards) comes to her rescue. The mystery (wo)man goes to help Victoria up but then turns around and walks away while covering his/her face.

Kane vs. Edge
-Back and forth action for the first half of the match, but when Kane sort of takes control, Lita marches out to observe as we head to commercial. After the break, the match proceeds until Kane goes for a chokeslam but Lita leans in and grabs his leg. Kane then nails Edge with a clothesline and tries again but Matt Hardy runs in and hits the Twist of Fate. As Kane staggers up, Edge comes flying at him with the spear which is enough for him to secure the pin.

After the match, Kane orders Lita into the ring where he tells Lita that he's not angry at what just happened. Kane says he can see exactly what type of relationship this will be and he knows he's going to enjoy it. But nothing will upset him tonight because next week, live on RAW, they will get married. And later that night, they will consummate their marriage. With that, Lita slaps him and Kane says that's the way he likes it and it'll be one helluva honeymoon. Kane laughs as Lita shakes her head in disgust.

Tonight, Randy Orton defends his newly won World Heavyweight title against the former champ, Chris Benoit.

Coach introduces the remaining seven diva contestants and asks them who they would kick off if they had a choice. Carmella votes for Joy while the other six all vote for Carmella. They mainly say that Carmella doesn't want to win the competition that badly. Coach then reveals that the audience voted for Michelle as the next woman voted off.

Next up, Chris Jericho battles Batista.

Chris Jericho vs. Batista
-Jericho attempts a Lionsault, but Ric Flair grabs his leg, causing a disqualification. Flair then proceeds to low blow Jericho as Edge runs down apparently for the save but he feigns getting in the ring and just walks away as Batista continues to hammer away on Jericho with a sit down powerbomb. Edge stands at the top of the ramp, shakes his hand and grins.

The six remaining divas pose and try to get people to vote for them or whatever.

Backstage, Triple H approaches Randy Orton and asks him if he's alright. Triple H says he knows what he's going through and the feeling is natural. Triple H asks him if he understands what being the champion is all about. Do you have any idea what it means to become the youngest world champion? Ric Flair won his first title when he was like 31, Batista would give up an arm and a leg to get a shot at the title. Triple H advises Orton to go out there to be himself, to rely on his talent and ability and what brought him to the big dance. You rely on Evolution. He tells Orton to go out and rely on his talent and Evolution will take care of the rest.

Randy Orton vs. Chris Benoit (World Heavyweight Title Match)
-Benoit attacks Orton to start the match and dominates the first few minutes and gets several near falls. They head outside where Benoit continues his assault by ramming Orton into the steel steps. As the ref starts the count, we head to commercial. The finish sees Benoit lock in the Crippler Crossface only to see the Evolution members come out. He takes them out but turns around just in time to receive the RKO. Orton pins him to retain the title.

After the match, Evolution celebrates with Batista hoisting Orton on his shoulders. Triple H gives Batista a signal and Batista drops Orton as Triple H jumps on top and starts punching away. Flair joins in and he and Batista restrain Orton as Triple H talks smack and slaps him around. Triple H then clocks Orton with the world title belt busting him open. Batista then hits a powerbomb and Triple H follows it up with the Pedigree. Finally, Triple H holds the belt to Orton's face and says that's him and Evolution and it will never be Orton.

End of show.