Dark Match, Sunday Night Heat *Spoilers*, Notes (8/16/04) - London, Ontario

Report by: Mike, rajah.com reader

I went to Raw last night, average show, security took a lot of signs away, how could they allow a Triple H is Gay sign and Not a Flair's Book Sucks one, I tell ya it's all politics.

Dark match saw Shelton Benjamin beat Rory McAllister, who was dressed like a Piper/Headbanger lookalike. Shelton won.

Rodney Mack w/ Jazz defeated Val Venis. This was taped before the Heat pryo went off but Al Snow and Coach were around for this.

Chuck Palumbo over Rosey, pretty close match.

Maven defeated Wavell Starr (I think it was announced as that.) That was taped last.

After Raw went off the air, Trips, Flair and Big Man B (as I like to call Batista now) continued their assault on Randy for a few minutes then left. Orton got back up and posed with the belt, I still don't like Orton so this so called face turn doesn't mean jack to me.

Benoit came out side the arena before the show, heading to the production truck, huge responce from the fans lined up outside in that area. chants like "Benoit" "Champ" I yelled out "Horemen rules" and gave the 4 fingers, he returned the four fingers. Tip: Never show returning promos live in the arena. Fans popped thinking HBK was coming back but booed when it said next week. Good thing the wedding wasn't this week. Anyways the show wasn't bad, security could have been less picky with signs though.