Austin, Girlfriend Involved in Another Fight; Bret Hart Update, more

-- Bret Hart was in Toronto over the weekend to work on a project for the CBC. Preliminary reports of him being in the city to meet with WWE officials were apparently completely false.

-- Nunzio may not be at Smackdown! tonight because his wife recently gave birth.


The strange life of Steve Austin continues to get stranger. Austin and ex-girlfriend Tess Broussard got into another confrontation earlier this month in Beverly Hills.

In an article in the paid subscription section of the Los Angeles Times, Austin said that he took Broussard out to dinner with the intent of giving her a $1.5 million check in exchange for leaving him alone and not go after legal actions for past events.

"I'm not a rocket scientist. But I knew I had to get out of this relationship....The plan was to go out, have a nice steak, hand [Broussard] a check and get on with my life."

When the time came for Austin to break the news to Broussard, she became irate and refused to let him break up with her.

Austin told The Times that Broussard ended up jumping on their table with a steak knife attempting to stab him and his manager George Vrabeck. A scuffle broke out and Austin's security guard ended up handcuffing Broussard to a chair. Vrabeck ended up getting stabbed on his left arm.

Broussard is now filing a $10 million lawsuit against Austin, claiming that he and his manager, George Vrabeck (who was also involved in the scuffle), tried to lure her to the restaurant so they could stage a fabricated assault. The lawsuit also asks for damages dating back to an incident where Broussard claims she was permanently injured when a drunk Steve Austin drove his vehicle into a tree with her as a passenger. It should be noted that police reports of the incident did not find Austin drunk.

Broussard's story is drastically different from Austin's story:

"[Vrabeck] grabbed me and shoved me down in my chair. When I tried to get up, out of nowhere some guy came up from behind me and knocked me down, yelling, 'Get down!' as if gunshots were going to be fired. The next thing I know, he's on top of me and I'm handcuffed. And there's George dumping over the table. Then I see him bend down and it looks like he's stabbing himself. All of a sudden, he says, 'I'm bleeding,' and the bodyguard says, 'I saw you stab him!' "Obviously I'd been set up. Steve had threatened me, in no uncertain terms, that I'd get screwed over if I didn't drop [a proposed] personal injury suit."

Broussard was arrested that night for assault with a deadly weapon but is currently out on $30,000 bail.

Austin was advised to tell his side of the story in the Times by crisis-management company Sitrick & Co (who also work with R. Kelly).

The bizarre article goes on to feature Broussard claiming that Austin forced her to take pills, and Henry Garza of the band Los Lonely Boys stating that he once saw Broussard point a gun at Austin's head during a show.

As for why these two kept seeing each other:

Broussard on Austin: "I was naive. He'd apologize and say he'd change and go to counseling, but he never did. He told me I was his soul mate, so I kept going back and really believed in the relationship. But it was a lot of empty promises."

Austin on Broussard: "I kept seeing her because, as kooky as she was, I still loved her. I feel like I've been a pawn on the chessboard. I was too trusting and too nice, and that's what I'll have to live with."

Broussard is an actress in softcore porn movies.