Dark Match, WWE Velocity *Spoilers* (8/17/04) - Hamilton, Ontario

Tuesday August 17th, 2004 - WWE Smackdown! – results by forum reader Spanish Announce Table

I just got back from the Smackdown taping at Copps Coliseum, and it was awesome. I haven’t been to a WWE live show in over 10 years, so I was very excited going into this one. From our seats, we could see what was going on behind the stage (JBL’s limo, Eddie’s lowrider). If you don’t count the area of seats that had tarp on them, I would say the building was 85% full. The crowd was into the whole show, and didn’t really boo anyone.

Tony Chimmel entered to “Welcome to the Jungle” and went over the rules. He got a lot of cheers all night and talked to the fans at ring side. There was even a “Tony” chant at one point.

Dark match:

Funaki vs Heidenreich w/ Paul Heyman
Funaki got a good cheer when he first entered. The match was a typical big man-little man match up, and Heidenreich got the pin with the Bossman slam. Funaki was cheered as he was helped to the back by a referee.


Booker T vs Shannon Moore
Booker got a pretty big ovation, and his pyro is awesome to see live. The finish came when Moore missed a corkscrew moonsault off the top rope, and Booker picked up the victory with a scissors kick.

Mark Jindrak vs Jobber
I couldn’t hear the other guys name, but he was wearing boots with tassles like the Ultimate Warrior. There was a small ‘boring’ chant, but it didn’t last long. Jindrak was victorious after hitting his spin-out rock bottom.

Akio vs Charlie Haas w/ Jackie
Haas and Jackie received a huge pop. Akio worked over Haas’ left leg, but eventually lost when Charlie hit a springboard twisting axe handle. This was a pretty good match.

Billy Gunn vs Doug Basham w/ Danny Basham
Gunn also was heavily cheered. The Bashams tried to switch, but the referee caught it. Doug went for a frankensteiner, which was reversed by Gunn into a Styles Clash and a victory.

Tazz and Michael Cole made their way to ring side to Tazz’s music, which was followed by the Smackdown pyro.