Goldberg's WWE Contract & Future, NWA-TNA PPV, Hall/Nash, Chyna

* We're still awaiting an official statement from NWA-TNA regarding the April "Bound for Glory" Pay-Per-View which should confirm any and all big names signed for the event. Up to this point the names tossed around as likely to attend include Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Randy Savage, and Joanie "Chyna" Laurer who would likely wrestler Jonny Fairplay. The Laurer vs Fairplay match would replace the Fairplay vs Roddy Piper match which was established but cancelled recently. Country music star Toby Keith is set to perform at the PPV.

* As stated previously, Goldberg's final WWE appearance does look to be at WrestleMania XX. However there is still discussion of re-signing him to a new contract, but at a much lower salary than his current deal is paying. Since it's highly unlikely Goldberg will accept significantly less money for the same number of dates, the deal will probably be a special appearance contract which would require him to work a select few PPVs and a few TV appearances to hype those matches.

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