Dark Match, WWE Velocity *Spoilers* (2/17/04) - Fresno, California

By: Jason Thompson, rajahwwf.com reader

Night begins with some Wrestlemania videos. These are so awesome.

A-Train vs. Orlando Jordan
Shave your back chant...Train rubes Jordan's face in his chest hair...Train
took Jordan up for a double underhook suplex, held him there then dropped
him into a shoulderbreaker...Jordan in the corner catches Train running in
with both feet to the jaw, and rolls him up for the win.

Josh & Bill DeMott come out, Velocity open

Rey Mysterio/Billy Kidman vs. Nunzio/Jamie Noble
Huge pop for Rey...Kidman was doing a giant swing on Nunzio & Rey dropkicked
Nunzio in the head....A Noble sucks chant started...Rey did a twisting
hurricanrana onto Noble...Kidman did an FU into a backbreaker on
Noble...Noble dove through the 2nd rope onto Kidman on the floor, then Rey
dove off the top rope onto Noble...Kidman went for the 450 splash but Nunzio
pulled him off the top rope...Nunzio did what i can only describe as a
tilt-a-whirl arm breaker on Kidman...Kidman hit a nice dropkick on Noble,
you could hear the smack throughout the arena...Rey did a 2nd rope moonsault
into a reverse D.D.T. onto Noble...Rey went for the west coast pop, but
Noble caught him & turned it into a tigerbomb for a near fall...Noble was on
the top rope, Kidman alley ooped Rey onto Noble, Rey hurricanranaed him off
the top & scored the pin.

Shannon Moore vs. Rhyno
Shannon hit a spin kick on Rhyno for a near fall...Rhyno chant broke
out...Rhyno used a bodybreaker with Moore over his shoulder...Rhyno hit a
spinning spinebuster & a Gore for the win

Sakoda vs. Paul London
London now uses Spanky's music...London had Sakoda in a headlock, used his
feet to bounce off the top rope over Sakoda & kicks him in the butt...crowd
really didn't give this much of a chance...London hit a nice dropkick, in
doing it he flipped all the way over & landed on his stomach...London went
for the 450 & missed...Sakoda spinebustered him for the win

Rikishi/Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Chuck Palumbo & Johnny Stamboli - Non Title Match
Crowd was really into Rikishi & Scotty....Scotty hit a headscissors on
Palumbo nipped up & moon walked....F.B.I. worked over Scotty for awhile
before the hot tag...Rikishi butt splashed Palumbo in the corner...Stamboli
cut Rikishi off before the stinkface....Scotty hit the worm on
Stamboli...Palumbo superkicked Scotty...Rikishi superkicked Palumbo then
Stamboli...Rikishi gave Stamboli the bonzai drop for the win,