WWE Approaches Olympic Gold Medalist & Big Show Television Debut

-The Big Show recently filmed a role for Star Trek: Enterprise's fourth season, which will air on UPN on 10/29.

-The Associated Press reports that the WWE has already approached Olympic Gold Medalist, Karam Ibrahim. Here is a portion of the article:

ATHENS (AFP) --Wrestling gold medalist Karam Ibrahim could soon be searching for an in-your-face nickname to be put in lights alongside those of WWE stars The Rock, Triple H and Hulk Hogan.

The charismatic and athletic Ibrahim revealed he had been tapped up by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in the United States, appropriately by someone calling himself the 'Big Man', after winning Egypt their first Olympic gold medal since 1948 on Thursday.

-Jim Ross later confirmed that the WWE has been in contact with Ibrahim.

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[Credit: Pwinsider & Associated Press]