WWE Smackdown! *Spoilers* (2/17/04) - Fresno, California

By: Jason Thompson, rajahwwf.com reader

They begin setting up for Smackdown. Huge Eddy chant during the setup.

Rue comes out & sings America the Beautiful.

No Way Out highlights are shown of Eddy winning. Again huge cheer for Eddy.

Paul Heyman on the big screen. Knowing of Brock Lesnar's short temper, he' s
recommended Brock take the night off, in the interest of public safety.
Tonight the Eddy Guerrero celebration continues as he makes his first title
defense against his nephew. There will be a special guest referee which he
does not name.

Smackdown Open

Kurt Angle comes to the ring. Tonight is Eddy's night to celebrate & he
wants to be the first to congratulate him. He knew Eddy could win. He's
looking forward to Wrestlemania. He leads the crowd in 3 cheers for Eddy.
Hip Hip Hooray, & the crowd does it.
John Cena comes out. Cena makes fun of Angle & leads the crowd in chanting
Latino Heat. Cena gives props to Angle for winning the 3 way, but says from
the sound of it Eddy is going to kick his ass at W.M. Angle wants to kick
Cena's M.C. Hammer ass right now. Cena says that's cool because like M.C.
Hammer U Can't touch this. Heyman appears on the big screen. He says he
makes the matches not them. Heyman wants to see them work as a team tonight
against the Bashams.

John Cena/Kurt Angle vs. Basham Brothers
Cena pumps up but is cut off by Danny...Danny whips Angle into Cena,
knocking Cena from he ring...Cena & Angle have words & are jumped by the
Brothers...The Brothers work over Cena's bad knee...Angle tags in...Angle
goes for an Angle slam on Doug but Doug rolls off & pushes Angle into a
clothesline from Danny...Angle angleslams Danny & applies the ankle
lock...Danny rolls over & kicks him off to the floor...He goes by Cena who
tags him, FU's Danny & scores the pin. Cena & Angle have more words.

Heyman & Dawn Marie are backstage...Dawn is wearing a really, really,
Really, nice dress...Rey Mysterio wants to talk to Paul...Paul says he knows
what he wants to say, how the cruiserweight title meant everything to him, &
how he wants to complain about how it was stolen...Rey says no, he doesn't
want to complain, he wants to ask for a rematch...Paul respects that, wishes
more of his roster was like that. Rey has his rematch next week & if Chavo
wins the W.W.E. title tonight, it will be a double title match next week,
but since Rey has a vested interest in the main event Rey has to take the
rest of the night off. Segment ends with Paul telling Rey..Trust Me
A.P.A. & Rikishi & Scotty are in the A.P.A. office, Hey where's the door,
drinking beer, playing cards & looking at the Sable/Torrie Playboy. A.P.A.
asks for a title shot. Scotty says they don't make the matches but they have
no problem with that. World's Greatest Tag Team come in. They say if anyone
is taking on Fat Man & Robin it's them, after all they beat the A.P.A. at No
Way Out. A.P.A. beat up W.G.T.T. & throw them out of the office. Segment
ends with A.P.A. & Rikishi & Scotty staring each other down.

Billy Gunn vs. Tajiri w/Akio & Sakoda
Tajiri hits a dragon screw legwhip on Gunn, sending him to the floor where
he is double teamed by Akio & Sakoda...Gunn hit a twisting sidewalk slam for
a near fall...Gunn ducked the kick of death and hit the one & only, went for
the fameasser, Tajiri ducked & kicked him in the knee...Akio distract Gunn,
Tajiri hit the kick of death for the pin.

Eddy Guerrero Interview
Confetti comes from the roof. Eddy comes in through the crowd. Red, white &
green balloons come from the ceiling, pyro goes off. It looked like it was
snowing in the ring at one point & it was hard to see Eddy. It's really
quite a sight. Giant Eddy chant. Eddy says his win was for everyone that was
told they're not big enough. The win was for everyone that was told they
weren't strong enough or smart enough or good looking enough. He thanks
everyone that supported him through everything. For everyone that didn't
support him, Eddy insults them in spanish. The Chavo's come out. Loud Chavo
sucks chant, followed by an Eddy chant Chavo says he scored the biggest win
of his career but all the attention in on Eddy. Chavo wants to know where
his celebration is. After Chavo wins tonight he says the party will be over.
Chavo announces Chavo Sr. is the special guest ref.

Big Show vs. Hardcore Holly - U.S. Title Match
Holly charges the ring to attack Show...Holly chopblocks Shows knee...Holly
hits a legdrop off the top rope for a 2 count...Holly misses a 2nd rope
dropkick...Show Chokeslamms Holly for the win...Cena come out calls Show,
Slim Pickens...Challenges Show for a title match at W.M. 20...dares Show to
turn him down...Show says he is the most dominant U.S. Champ in history &

Highlight of Torrie/Sable promoting their Playboy......Highlight of the Kane
stuff form RAW

Dos Chavos Intv.
Chavo says he will win & have a bigger celebration then Eddy had next week.
He tell his father that even though Eddy is his brother he needs him to call
it right down the middle. Sr. says he won't let him down. Josh is backstage
screaming that Brock Lesnar is in he building.

Here comes the Pain.
Brock is very dejected. The W.W.E. title meant everything to him & he knows
Eddy doesn't appreciate it. Figures Eddy will probably pawn it. Says he is a
great U.S. citizen & a terrific guy and can't figure out why the fans treat
him so bad. Brock want to settle the score with Goldberg. Brock gets on his
knees & begs Vince, to give him a match with Bill Goldberg at W.M. 20

Backstage Chavo Sr. is laid out. Angle tells Heyman these backstage attacks
have been going on to long & have to stop. Says no matter what Heyman thinks
Angle know it wasn't Eddy.

Angle is leaving. Heyman runs up to him & says he needs a ref. for the main
event. Angle wants no part of it. Heyman says to bad, Angle is the ref.

Eddy Guerrero vs. Chavo Guerrero - W.W.E. Title Match
Eddy hit a slingshot senton on Chavo...Eddy stretches Chavo across Eddy's
back...Chavo hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker...Chavo did the 3 rolling
vertical suplexs....Chavo went for a frogsplash but Eddy got his knees
up...Chavo Sr. came out pointing his finger at Eddy....Eddy hits the rolling
vertical suplexs....Eddy goes for frogsplash but Sr. pull Jr. out of the
way...Rey Mysterio runs out & attacks Sr. Refs come out run Rey off, & carry
Sr. away....Chavo works over Eddy's knee...Eddy uses a tilt-a-whirl
backbreaker on his bad knee....Eddy hits the frog splash but Angle won't
count 3....Angle attacks Eddy...Angle throws him outside, drops him throat
first across the barricade, whips him into the steps....back in the ring
continues working Eddy over....Rey tries to make the save, but is powerbomed
& press slammed over the top rope....Kurt grabs the belt & hits Eddy with

This probably won't air. Kurt had walked up the aisle but came back,
continuing to work Eddy over. Eddy finally made a comeback with clothesline.
Then hit Angle with the belt. Then frog splashed Angle.