Edge's Injury, WWE Not Explaining Storylines, Smackdown the Vote in NYC Details

* As of this report, we are still waiting to hear details regarding the extent of Edge's injury. For those who haven't heard, Edge took a bump to the floor in his match against Chris Jericho at the Salt Lake City, UT show. He stayed on the ground and was attended to after being counted out. He did not attend a scheduled meet and greet yesterday in Stockton, CA yesterday and did not wrestle last night.

* As heard on Byte This, the WWE doesn't plan on developing the angle regarding Edge's injury in 2003 at No Way Out where he returned with no explanation as to who took him out. Edge did bring this up to WWE officials, but was told it "didn't matter".

* Those taking part in this weekend's "Smackdown the Vote" trek to New York City include Linda McMahon John