WWE News & Views #3 for 09/02/04

Couple of things to say before I start. I've taken out the "Weekly Shows" section of the News & Views. I figure I'll just put some of my bare Raw thoughts in the Five Count section and make sure to hit on a Smackdown point there as well. Since the Oratory Essay is debuting this week, I think having that and the weekly shows thing in will make this whole thing just too damn long. If people want the weekly shows part back in then I'll add it next week, but for now it's not in. Here's the news.

News & Rumors
- There's a strong rumor floating around that WWE is interested in Egyptian Olympic gold medal wrestler Karam Ibrahim about possible employment with the company. According to an AP article, Ibrahim seems to have some interest in the possibility although no formal offer has been reported yet. Jim Ross, the man in charge of negotiating contracts for WWE superstars, confirmed that the company has interest in him. Personally, I think it'd be a great idea. The more credible wrestlers they can get, the better. I just hope the company wouldn't put Ibrahim in the very tired "anti-American" gimmick because it's been done so many times.

- Edge was injured this past weekend at a house show in Salt Lake City, Utah. Early diagnosis is that he'll be out for 6-8 weeks with a pulled groin. A very painful injury, as all men could probably attest. As you might have seen on Raw this week, they're using the injury as an angle on TV. He won't be wrestling at Unforgiven, but should be ready for Taboo Tuesday in October. I'm glad it's not serious because I'm loving what Edge is doing right now. More on that in a bit.

- Another Edge not reveals that when he was on Byte This last week he brought up the injury angle that WWE did for him in early 2003. When he came back to the ring this year they made no mention of it. Edge mentioned that on Byte This, then revealed that the company told him his injury that took him out for a year "didn't matter." Actually, that came out wrong. His injury mattered, but logical storylines don't! In other words, the message from WWE to wrestling: Logic? Who needs it! Doesn