TNA Impact! Results (9/3/04) - Taped in Orlando, Florida

TNA Impact Results
September 3, 2004
Taped in Orlando, FL
Reported by: The Worm, Impact reporter

We're one week away from could be one of Jeff Hardy's biggest matches of his career as he gets ready to wrestle Jeff Jarrett for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Will the Charismatic Enigma overcome the odds and become the new champion or will The Stroke be too much for him? Find out this Wednesday as Jeff Hardy has his date with fate.

To open the show, Jeff Jarrett's music hits and he makes his way out to the ring with his title and guitar in hand and it doesn't take long for the crowd to chant Jeff Hardy's name.

Jarrett proceeds to taunt Jeff Hardy and calls him an outsider and outsiders aren't allowed in TNA unless they're Jarrett's friends. He's going to give him one last piece of advice and that is, keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. Jarrett sneers as we find out that up next it'll be 3 Live Kru vs. Abyss, Alex Shelley, and Nosawa and it's time for commercial.

Match #1 (Six Man Tag) - Abyss, Alex Shelley, & Nosawa (w/ Goldylocks) vs. 3 Live Kru:

Konnan and Nosawa kick things off. They lock up and they exchange arm wrenches. Konnan clotheslines Nosawa and proceeds to go to work on him. He connects with a hip toss, a reverse arm drag, and a clothesline.

Alex Shelley gets involved, only to get flapjacked for his efforts. Road Dogg is tagged in and there is a momentary technical difficulty. Abyss is tagged in and B-Jizzle needs to get psyched up from his team to take on the big man. Abyss is in control until BG James ducks a clothesline and hits his dancing punches. Abyss tries to chokeslam the Dogg, but The Truth comes in and they double team Abyss. Alex Shelley is tagged in and both men go at it until they take each other out.

The Truth and Nosawa are tagged in. Alex Shelley & Nosawa try to double team Ron Killings, until he fires back with a double dropkick. All chaos breaks out as all six men get involved. 3 Live Kru manage to clean house and The Truth wins the match for his team as he defeats Nosawa with a scissors kick.

Winner: 3 Live Kru

Post-match, Goldylocks proceeds to scold her team for losing as we go to commercial.

Match #2 (Singles) - Romeo vs. Kid Kash (w/ Dallas):

Kid Kash proceeds to beat on Romeo from the get go. Romeo whips him, but Kash comes back by pounding on his back and suplexing him. Romeo tries for the offensive once again, only to be clotheslined for his efforts. More offense from Romeo, but Kash comes back with a thumb to the eye and Kash ends this squash match with the Money Maker (double underhook piledriver).

Winner: Kid Kash

Post match, Kid Kash and Dallas set Romeo up on a table and they send a message to AJ Styles as Kid Kash frog splashes Romeo through the table.

Commercial Break

Match #3 (Tag Title) - Shark Boy & D-Ray 3000 vs. The Naturals (C):

D-Ray and Chase Stevens start things off. Stevens goes to work on D-Ray, stealing his comb in the process. D-Ray slams Stevens and gets his comb back. He hits a falling headbutt (The 'Fro Buster) and he tags in Shark Boy. Shark Boy comes off the top with an elbow and Shark Boy uses the Shark Bite (biting of the hand) on Chase Stevens. Andy Douglas is tagged in and he goes to work on Shark Boy. Shark Boy is whipped, and he kicks Douglas in the chest. Shark Boy comes back with a neckbreaker and both men are down.

The partners are tagged in and D-Ray cleans house. D-Ray is whipped and he connects with a flying forearm. They double team Douglas with the Afro Ram. Things are looking up for the face team until Douglas moves Stevens out of the way as D-Ray comes off the top. They finish off D-Ray with the Natural Disaster to retain their titles.

Winner: The Naturals (Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens)

Commercial Break

Match #4 (Singles) - Chasyn Rance vs. Scott D'Amore (w/ Team Canada):

Before the match starts, Team Canada have Jeremy Borash highlight D'Amore's career and have him say that he weighs 203 lbs (not true) and the master of the D'Amorealizer.

D'Amore ambushes Rance and connects with a leg drop. He backwards-somersaults off of Rance to break up the pin and connects with a fist drop. He puts Rance in a corner and as D'Amore charges, Rance ducks and goes to work on D'Amore. D'Amore comes back with the Cobra Clutch into a Russian Leg Sweep, but he refuses to let the ref count the pin.

D'Amore goes up top and connects with a moonsault and ends the match with the D'Amorealizer.

Winner: Scott D'Amore

Post-match, Team Canada toss Chasyn Rance out of the ring and D'Amore takes the stick and taunts Dusty Rhodes.

Commercial Break

Match #5 (Singles) - Adam Flash vs. "Alpha Male" Monty Brown:

They lock up and Brown backs Flash into a corner. Brown smells Flash before punching him into submission and then picks him up to toss him out of the ring. Brown drops Flash onto the metal security barrier and then tosses him back into the ring.

He flings Flash into a corner and punches him in the gut. He whips Flash across the ring, and he scores some offense, but Brown comes back with a clothesline. This match is over as Monty Brown connects with the Pounce.

Winner: Monty Brown

Shane Douglas is backstage interviewing Dusty Rhodes and he mentions that Russo wants to get rid of Rhodes and Rhodes talks about Scott D'Amore and then it's time for commercial.

Throughout the entire show, we've heard which guy the wrestlers wanna see become the new champ, and it's been pretty divided between Jarrett and Hardy.

Jeff Hammond is seen interviewing Elliott Sadler and he asks him about the upcoming Hardy vs. Jarrett match and he says that he wants Jeff Hardy to win.

At the announce table, Vince Russo joins Tenay and West.

Match #6 (Tag) - Elite Guard (Onyx & Hernandez) vs. AJ Styles & Jeff Hardy:

The Elite Guard ambush Hardy & Styles. They clear the ring of the Guard and they connect with a double plancha. Styles tosses Onyx back into the ring and connects with a knee drop. Styles goes for a pin, but Onyx kicks out. Styles latches on a headlock and Onyx whips him into his partner. Styles is distracted and Hernandez press slams him on the outside. Onyx goes for a pin, but Styles kicks out. Onyx shoves Styles into the ropes and then hits a powerslam.

Hernandez is tagged in and they double team AJ Styles. Hernandez goes for a pin, but Styles kicks out. Hernandez cinches in a camel clutch and then breaks it off. Hernandez goes for an Insider's Edge, but Styles slides out and takes out Hernandez.

Onyx is tagged in and Styles tags in Jeff Hardy. Onyx tries to dropkick Hardy, but Hardy stops and Onyx misses. He takes it to both men and Styles comes in and they hit a unique Poetry in Motion (AJ Styles springboards off of Jeff Hardy and connects with a hurricanrana) on Hernandez. More fast-paced action and the match ends when Jeff Hardy connects with the Swanton Bomb on Onyx.

Winner: Jeff Hardy & AJ Styles

That's it for today, and I would like to pose my readers a question:

If TNA and WWE began to compete with one another and at some point one decides to invade the other, what are some matches you would like to see?