SmackDown Rating, Japanese Hardcore Wrestling 5 This Sunday

This week's edition of SmackDown scored a 2.5 rating, with a 4 share. Bad numbers, but it's due to a bunch of preemptions.

WK Media sent in the following:

Only two more days until the most extreme and hardcore wrestling pay-per-view series is back on pay per view. If you want wresting excitement, you must order Japanese Hardcore Wrestling 5. Big Japan brings the hardcore and death matches, All Japan Women's Pro Wrestling is the standard for intense women's action and Michinoku Pro is simply high flying excitement. Check out some of the scenes here,

On Sunday, September 5th, wK MEDIA presents Japanese Hardcore Wrestling 5. Japanese Hardcore Wrestling 5 is wrestling the way it should be, hardcore. Buck Woodward and Eric Gargiulo provide the play by play while the wrestlers battle against each other, fire, barbwire, tables, ladders and chairs as they quest for victory and glory. Japanese Hardcore Wrestling is back and it is harder than hardcore and only on Pay-Per-View. On Sunday, September 5th, Japanese Hardcore Wrestling 5 is on Pay-Per-View. For pictures and other information, visit us

Also, Japanese Hardcore Wrestling I is now available on DVD and VHS and is available at

Thanks for your past, present and future support.


Big Japan Pro Wrestling
Abdullah Kobayashi & Numasawa vs. M Dogg 20 & El Drunko

Michinoku Pro Wrestling
Hayate & Seiji Ikeda vs. Masao Orihara & Macho Pump

AJW vs NEO Tag Match
Genki & Tamura vs. Hikaru & Takahashi

Big Japan Pro Wrestling
Florescent Light Tube & Glass Deathmatch
Shadow WX vs. Kanemura

All Japans Women Pro Wrestling
All Pacific Championship
Kayo Nomi (Champion) vs. Mima Shimoda

Big Japan Pro Wrestling
Circus High Tower Death Match
Ito vs. Mad Man Pondo


First Date:
Sunday, Sep. 5th, 2004

First Showing (iN1):
9pm ET/6pm PT

Show Length (iN1):
2 hours

11 pm ET/8 pm PT

Pay Per View Channels:
iN 1, iN2

Suggested Retail Price:

For more information, email

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