WWE RAW Report (9/6/04) - Wichita Falls, Texas

Report by: rajah.com

Live from Wichita Falls, Texas, RAW starts with Eric Bischoff in the ring with a steel cage surrounding him and a small table in front of him. Bischoff tells us that tonight, not only will Triple H face Eugene, but he'll face him inside a steel cage - the first and last steel cage match of Eugene's career. Bischoff also says that if anyone dares to interfere in the match, they will be suspended. With that, Eric asks for the steel cage to be raised and he moves onto other matters - namely the fact that Intercontinental champion Edge will be out of action for 4-6 weeks due to a groin injury. Bischoff then announces that because Edge won't be able to defend his title within the mandatory 30 day period, he has thus been stripped of the belt.

Before Bischoff can go any further, Christian's music hits and out he comes. He grabs a mic and says that Bischoff has a near disaster on his hands because all the fans will be rioting in the streets if he doesn't do the right thing by handing the title over to Christian himself. That prompts Chris Jericho to come out and respond. Jericho asks Bischoff to make a match between himself and Christian tonight which Bischoff likes the idea of but he says a match of that calibre can only happen at Unforgiven this Sunday. Bischoff then asks the fans if they'd like that match to be inside a steel cage and everyone cheers. But Christian says that won't work for him because the last time he was in a cage match against Jericho, his back was injured and he was out of action for four long months. Christian suggests a no-countout match instead and the fans boo so Jericho counters with a ladder match to which Bischoff agrees. After all this, Jericho attacks Christian and attempts to put him into the Walls of Jericho but Tyson Tomko runs down and rescues him before any great damage can be done.

Tonight, Rhyno, Tajiri, Chris Benoit and William Regal take on Ric Flair, Batista and La Resistance in a big eight-man tag team match.

Rhyno, Tajiri, Benoit & Regal vs. Flair, Batista & La Resistance
-Only minutes in, the match degenerates into an eight-man brawl before the heels bail to the outside as we head to a commercial. When we return, Regal is working away on Flair before he tags out to Rhyno but the tide soon turns and the bad guys end up isolating Rhyno in their corner while making quick tags. Finally, Rhyno makes the hot tag to Benoit who cleans house. Benoit then puts on the sharpshooter on Conway and gets him to tap out to give his team the victory.

Tonight, Kane takes on Randy Orton and of course, Triple H battles Eugene in a cage match.

They recap Smackdown! from last week.

Backstage, Randy Orton is interviewed. He basically says it's all about him vs. Triple H and talks about how all of Triple H's plans have backfired. Orton then says that the most dominant letters on RAW aren't "HHH", but rather "RKO".

Backstage, Lita is talking to a makeup lady when Trish Stratus comes by but Lita tries to avoid her and walk away. Trish says that what Lita did last week by inserting Shawn Michaels into Kane's match was very clever because Shawn hates Kane. But it's too bad that she couldn't prevent Kane from inserting himself into her. Trish then says Lita will enjoy the joys of motherhood so Lita just responds with "keep it coming, Trish." Nidia sneaks up behind and says some things to her in Spanish before throwing her glass of juice all over Trish.

Trish Stratus vs. Nidia
-Nidia starts punching Trish while standing on the turnbuckle but Trish rips her top. As the ref and Nidia attempt to repair the wardrobe malfunction, Trish kicks Nidia in the head and gets the pin.

Backstage, Triple H tells Eric Bischoff that Eugene is just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Tonight, it's about Triple H vs. Randy Orton so Orton can see a preview of the ass-kicking he's going to get. Triple H says next week when he walks into RAW as the champion, then Bischoff can celebrate.

Triple H vs. Eugene (Steel Cage Match)
-Minutes into the match, Triple H throws Eugene into the cage a couple times, busting his forehead open. Triple H dominates the entire rest of the match, throwing Eugene around numerous times. After a Pedigree, Triple H takes to the corner and comes off the top rope and rams his knee into Eugene's shoulder. Triple H then just walks out of the cage to win. After the match, Triple H slams the door on Eugene's shoulder and arm.

Backstage, Jonathan Coachman says that tonight has been a showcase of what Eric Bischoff wants, he gets. Coach then interviews Edge who says he doesn't like how Bischoff implements the 30-day rule whenever he wishes and that he'd rather prefer to lose the title to someone than to not fight at all. Edge then says Bischoff is to busy dying his hair and puckering his lips to kiss Evolution's ass.

Backstage, Kane grabs Lita and says the last time Shawn Michaels was in the ring, remember what happened to him? Kane then refreshes Lita's memory by showing footage from two months ago on RAW when Kane beat up Shawn and injured him. Kane then says that the same things he did to Michaels he will do to Randy Orton tonight.

They run through the Unforgiven card.

Chris Jericho vs. Tyson Tomko (w/ Christian)
-Christian interferes by bringing in a ladder, which distracted Jericho. Tomko then nails a modified neckbreaker to gain the pinfall victory. After the match, Tomko holds Jericho and Christian hits him with the ladder in the head. Christian then poses at the top of the ladder which is situated over a fallen Jericho.

Up next, another diva wannabe gets eliminated.

Stacy Keibler introduces the remaining contestants and announces that they will have an arm-wrestling contest. Whoever wins will get to dump some Texas chili on the three losers. First match is between Christy and Amy and Christy wins. Joy and Carmella are up next and the winner is Carmella wins. So the finals are Christy vs. Carmella and Christy wins fairly easily. She then takes the bucket of chili and dumps it on each of the divas one by one. Finally, Stacy announces that the eliminated diva is Amy.

We're told that Eugene has a separated shoulder and that his wrestling career may be over. Also, it's announced that next week, that after one more diva is eliminated, the remaining two will engage in a boxing match.

Randy Orton vs. Kane
-Kane tries to use a chair but Lita momentarily stops him, allowing Orton to lowblow Kane right in front of the referee, who decides to DQ Orton. Kane is announced the winner but Triple H and Eric Bischoff run out and announce that the match will resume but inside of the steel cage that is hanging above their heads after a commercial break. As we come back, Kane is in control with Triple H remaining at ringside looking on. Kane dominates for the next several minutes but Orton finally turns the match in his favor. After hitting an inverted neckbreaker, he goes for the win by trying to climb over the cage but is stopped by Kane. Kane tries for a chokeslam but Orton grabs a chair which is lying in the ring (?) and clocks Kane with it and follows it up with the RKO. Orton heads to the door but Triple H closes it and then tells the ref that he's going to keep the door closed. This allows Orton the opportunity to kick the door in Triple H's face and sneak out to win the match. After the match, Batista and Ric Flair come down and all three of them beat up Orton. Orton is then thrown into the ring but he grabs the same chair that he hit Kane with and drills Batista with it before punching Flair. Triple H then tries to get into the ring but Orton swats the chair at him but just then, Kane sits up just as the others stand up too. Realizing that he's greatly outnumbered, Orton throws the chair at Triple H and runs the opposite up the cage and out, but not before Batista and Triple H try to drag him back in.

End of show.