Horrible Weekend For WWE, Smackdown Matches, Empty Seats, & More

-Chris Nowinski is featured in the latest Harvard Crimson, where it talks about the Smackdown! Your Vote campaign and how he is involved. Of Course, Nowinski is a graduate of Harvard.

-Dawn Marie is auctioning off her blue bikini from her 2004 Diva's Magazine, which you can bid on at DawnMarieonline.com.

-The House Shows did horrible buisness this weekend. Edmonton did about 1500 paid for $70,000 and Calgary did less than 1200 fans for less than 50,000. This is not a good sign, when you consider how solid Canada is for the WWE, even in down times.

-According to sources, there were several open seats for last night's show at the Garden. This is another bad sign for the WWE.

-London and Kidman are already facing one another at House Shows.

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[Credit: Pwinsider]