Variety Article Slams WWE's Falling Ratings & Brand Extension

John Dempsey of Variety has written an article which basically sums up the problem that the WWE has had with sagging ratings in today's edition of Variety Magazine.

He points out that Spike TV had built their new television schedule around WWE Raw and that because of the sliding ratings that Raw has experienced, that Spike TV too is in a slump. He begins to talk about how the split brand scenario of separate wrestlers appearing on Spike and Raw has caused a disinterest in both Smackdown and Raw. He states that because viewers now have to wait an entire week to get the next chapter in the storyline that many of them have become impatient.

He also makes sure to point out that it's just not Raw which has seen a ratings dip, but also it's counterpart which airs weekly on UPN. Executive VP Of Marketing for WWE, Kurt Schneider is quoted in the article talking about other things the WWE is currently working on including filming Raw and Smackdown in England, WWE 24/7, and having more PPV's for both shows, but as the author states, this will not solve the ratings problem that the WWE has currently encountered.

The author is quick to point out that Pro Wrestling is still alive and cooking and no doubt there is another Stone Cold Steve Austin waiting in the wings, but for the time being he makes some very interesting points about the WWE and how their business has been in a major slump ever since the Brand Extension.

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Credit: Variety & Pwinsider