WWE RAW Report (9/13/04) - Seattle, Washington

As RAW begins live from Seattle, Washington, Ric Flair and Batista are already in the ring with a huge cake and several ladies, apparently ready to celebrate Triple H's title victory last night at Unforgiven. Flair introduces Triple H, who comes down and hugs a couple of the ladies as confetti falls from the ceiling. Triple H says that he's back on top of the world, becoming world heavyweight champion for the ninth time. Flair and some of the ladies get on their knees and bow down but Trips responds with "Ladies, there will be plenty of time to get on your knees later." Triple H then talks about Orton spitting on his face and how everyone laughed him but the saying goes "he who laughs last, laughs best" and tonight he's laughing. Triple H then says it's time to party and the girls rip his shirt off but Trips would rather focus on the cake saying it's big enough to fit someone. Triple H thinks there's another girl in there so he starts thanking Flair, who says it was Batista's idea who says it was Flair. So Triple H concludes that it must have been Eric Bischoff. As Triple H finally begins to move towards the cake, it explodes and Randy Orton pops out. Orton beats up Flair and Batista and then hits Triple H with the belt, sending him flying inside the cake head first.

Backstage, Triple H demands Eric Bischoff to give him Randy Orton in a match tonight. Bischoff instead announces that it will be Evolution vs. Randy Orton in a three-on-one handicap match.

Chris Benoit vs. Rob Conway (w/ Sylvain Grenier)
-William Regal came out after he saw that Benoit was outnumbered. The finish happens when Benoit ends up getting the Crippler Crossface locked in and Conway is forced to submit.

It's announced that tonight, Chris Jericho's guest for the Highlight Reel will be Shawn Michaels.

Also tonight, we'll see the Seattle Slugfest between the final two divas in the RAW Diva competition.

Stacy Keibler comes down to the ring to start the Seattle Slugfest. Before she can introduce the divas, Molly Holly makes her way down. Molly says it's pathetic that everyone is giving them all the attention and not her. She says the diva hopefuls can have their "slutfest" later on but for now, she'd like to challenge her in any match of Stacy's choice. Stacy ends up asking for a dance contest, aka a dance-off. Molly says that doesn't scare her because she took eight years of ballet and that she'd actually like to go first. Molly requests William Regal's music and shows off her best stuff. Stacy is next and does her dance but is attacked from behind by Molly. Nidia runs out and saves Stacy and the two of them double-team Molly only to see Gail Kim come out. Stacy bails so Gail and Molly attack Nidia which prompts Victoria to run out. Victoria evens up the sides but finally, Trish Stratus runs out with her belt. After all the dust settles, Eric Bischoff appears on the Titan Tron and announces a six-women tag team match between all the aforementioned ladies to start next. Well, after the commercial.

Stacy Keibler, Nidia & Victoria vs. Molly Holly, Gail Kim & Trish Stratus
-Typical women's match. Molly hits a handspring elbow on Victoria and begins to taunt and play to the audience. So Stacy blind tags herself in and rolls Molly up for the victory.

Backstage, Kane tells Eric Bischoff that they have a problem. He didn't sleep at all last night because his bitch wife cost him his match against Shawn Michaels last night. Kane demands Bischoff book a match with him against Michaels tonight but Bischoff says he can't do it tonight since Shawn is already scheduled for the Highlight Reel. Eric tells Kane that he can have Shawn any other night but Kane gets angry and grabs Bischoff by the collar. Bischoff says he'll give Kane someone else and he'll serve him up on a platter. Kane is satisfied and leaves.

Chris Jericho starts off his Highlight Reel by talking of his record-breaking 7th Intercontinental title win, which he says was the sweetest of them all. He then introduces Shawn Michaels, who also talks about his win and the history he had with Kane. Michaels then points out that he and Chris Jericho are tied in the matches they've had and he suggests that they break the tie tonight in a match for the title. But they're both interrupted by Christian, who is accompanied by Tyson Tomko. Christian says he's the greatest wrestler ever at ladder matches and if anyone should get a shot at the title, it's him. Michaels responds by saying that's cool, but if he wants a shot, he has to beat him first and he officially challenges Christian to a match tonight. Jericho says he knows that Tyson Tomko will interfere and so he counters with a tag team match. Tomko ends up accepting on Christian's behalf with the match to start after another commercial break.

Shawn Michaels & Chris Jericho vs. Christian & Tyson Tomko
-Michaels was dominated for a while by Tomko and then Christian before making the hot tag to Jericho, who cleaned house. Both Christian and Tomko end up on the outside and so Jericho and Michaels do stereo high cross bodies onto the floor which brings us to a commercial. Match proceeds until Christian misses hitting Jericho with the title, sending both to the outside. Tomko charges at Shawn for an attempted kick and misses so Michaels hits him with the Sweet Chin Music to get the pinfall victory. After the match, Christian attacks Shawn and hits the Unprettier on the mats outside.

They air a promo for Simon Dean, who appears to be a personal trainer type promoting his various health products.

Jonathan Coachman is in the ring and he introduces the remaining three diva hopefuls. One will be eliminated tonight and the remaining two will duke it out in a boxing match. First up, the elimination and Coach reveals it to be Joy. The ladies are sent to their corner where they don huge gloves. But before they can fight, "No Chance" hits and Vince McMahon struts out like only he can. Vince wants to remind us that next week is the season premiere of RAW and he will have a ground-breaking announcement for GM Eric Bischoff, all the superstars in the back and each and every fan out there as well. This week though he has only one announcement and it concerns Coach. As usual, Coach has all the rules of the Seattle Slugfest mixed up. The girls won't beat each other up; instead they will beat the hell out of the Coach. Vince orders Coach to stand in the middle of the ring and take it like a man - if he can. He tells Coach that if he moves, he'll get fired. The ref then goes over the rules, telling the girls to feel free to hit Coach in the head and face. No hitting below the belt - unless absolute necessary. Christy is first and she goes nuts, hitting him in the face a couple times, also in the nuts before climbing on his back and hitting him from there. Carmella goes next and gives Coach several shots to the head, including some back-handed ones. Carmella appears to do better but the fans end up voting for Christy as the winner.

Backstage, Kane and Lita are shown walking to the ring. Kane more or less forcing her to come along.

Kane vs. Jean Snitzki (???)
-This Jean dude is a pretty big guy himself but as expected, Kane dominates the match. He sets up a chair on Snitzki's head and heads to the top, but Lita comes in and takes it away. As Kane and Lita argue, Snitzki levels Kane in the back with the chair and Kane goes flying on top of Lita. As Lita writhes in pain, Kane yells at the ref to go for some help as officials pour out from the back. As medical personnel tend to Lita, Kane is heard asking if the baby will be okay and he orders them all to take good care of her.

When we come back, Lita is still being attended to with Kane looking on. The fans have started a "Kane's a killer" chant.

They recap last week's Smackdown!.

Backstage, Lita is wheeled onto a waiting ambulance. Kane also gets in and they drive away to the hospital. Val Venis and Maven look on!

Evolution vs. Randy Orton
-Match doesn't last very long as Evolution triple teams Orton and then Triple H pushes the ref, causing a disqualification. Evolution doesn't stop though, furthering beating up Orton until Shelton Benjamin runs down for the save. Batista hits him from behind though which causes Chris Benoit to also run out to make it 3-on-3. The three good guys send out Triple H and Flair and then take turns assaulting Batista - a top rope clothesline from Benjamin, a flying headbutt from Benoit and the RKO by Orton.