WWE Rushing London/Kidman Feud, Real Reason Behind HHH's Title Win At Unforgiven

- Despite the Paul London and Bill Kidman team being broken up, the WWE has already begun running several one-on-one matches over the weekend between the two. Before the matches, Kidman cut a promo on London as a heel. Management is being criticize for booking this angle so poorly and not letting the feud build up.

- The original plan for the Randy Orton vs. Triple H match at Unforgiven was for Orton to walk away as the champion, and become a long-term champion. The reason behind the change is that WWE feels Orton can be more effective as a contender, rather then holding the title. Management feels that Orton is not over enough as a face to hold the World Title. The plan is to have him chase after the title and begin to build up fan support.

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Credit: PWInsider.com, WrestlingObserver.com