Cable RAW Preview, Backlash Preview, Judgement Day & Bad Blood

* The following is the cable RAW Preview from Direct TV:

Series/Sports, 125 Mins.
Mr. McMahon's major WrestleMania announcement.

Original Airdate: February 23, 2004.

* It has been announced that the WWE's Judgment Day PPV will take place on May 16th at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA.

* It has also been announced that the WWE's Bad Blood PPV will take place June 13th in Louisville, KY

* has added the following short preview for Backlash, the Raw Brand only PPV that will follow WrestleMania XX.

"RAW Superstars bring contempt, retribution and classic matches that only the WWE can deliver LIVE from Rexall Place, Edmonton."

I addition to that, they have also released the promotional poster for Backlash which features a new Backlash logo, set on a black background.

SEE the Backlash PPV Promotional Poster + Details on McMahon's Big RAW Announcement for WrestleMania XX!