Angle Gets Backstage Heat, Bischoff NoShows PPV, Batista Injured

* During his segment with Randy Orton on Monday's RAW, Batista did infact break his nose. As of this report, Batista isn't expected to miss any TV time but may not be as involved in matches in the short run.

* At Sunday's Unforgiven PPV, Eric Bischoff was set to be involved in the main event where Coach was sent down to referee after Earl Hebner took a bump. None of the agents or creative team informed Bischoff that he was to be involved, so he began making the drive from Portland to Seattle where RAW was being held the following day. By the time anyone realized this, he was 2 hours away. There was some heat backstage for this, but it subsided when everyone realized that he never was told he would be used at the PPV.

* A lot of westlers backstage in the Smackdown roster are at odds with Kurt Angle. They feel he is to "pro management" and is far too involved in the politics of the business.

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