Latest On Bret Hart, Taker Returning Before WM XX, Laurer/NWA-TNA

- Bret Hart has talked with Vince McMahon recently and has a decent relationship with him. He has not been asked to be at the Hall of Fame dinner but it is possible that Bret will appear on WWE TV in the future.

- In Detroit during Thursday's edition of Smackdown, they ran a commercial advertising an appearance by the Undertaker at the Autorama on February 27. The picture shown was the Undertaker in his biker gear.

- The reason behind Joanie Laurer not appearing at NWA-TNA this past week was that she wanted a first class airline ticket to the show and NWA-TNA decline because the two had reached an agreement that she will fly coach. After the negotiations broke down, a number of people who were supporting her to come to NWA-TNA then started to state that she was not worth the trouble and would not draw anyway. It is unlikely that she will work with the promotion in the future.

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