WWE House Show Results (9/26/04) - Springfield, Missouri

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WWE House Show Results, Springfield, MO
Submitted by gcmissouri, rajah.com reader

Just got back from the Springfield WWE House Show at the Shrine Mosque. What a mess
it was. The story of the night... THE SOUND SYSTEM BLEW OUT. No promos, no Tony
Chimel announcing the matches, and since it blew out in the middle of Theodore
Long's introduction of matches for the night, no one knew what to expect. The place
was also hot as hell, and it ended up not paying more to sit in the floor seats
because the idiots in the rows in front of us kept standing up and holding up
signs.... I so wanted to yell "we're NOT ON TV, folks!" The only thing that kept
the night going were some unusual matchups.... here's a summary of how it went:

Match 1: Eddie Guerrero vs. Luther Reigns
Surprised to see that a match of this caliber leading off the show. Luther Reigns
got major heat, as much as anyone all night. Eddie, as expected, got the pop of the
night... crowd was intensely wild for him. Various Guerrero T-Shirt wearers
everywhere. Luther dominated the match, and Eddie took some HARD bumps. Eddie
eventually reversed a hold into a DDT, but then he missed the frog splash. However,
he was able to recover, hit 3 belly to belly suplexes, and then the frog splash for
the pin.
WINNER: Eddie Guerrero

Match 2: Shannon Moore vs. Mark Jindrak
Jindrak got some good heat, Moore got a respectful pop. Shannon really dominated
the match until the end when Jindrak hit a huge DDT for the win. You could tell they
were promoting his recent "mean streak" push he's getting.
WINNER: Mark Jindrak

Match 3: Paul London vs. Billy Kidman
As expected, Kidman walked away from the match promoting his "coward" gimmick. Paul
London ran after him in disgust but was stopped by Heidenreich. Heidenreich
proceeded to beat London brutally and then pulled out a poem and started reading to
a motionless London. But out of the blue, Hardcore Holly showed up and proceeded to
pound Heidenreich, which led to:

Match 4: Hardcore Holly vs. Heidenreich
The most amazing thing in this match was the HUGE pop that Hardcore Holly got, he to
my amazement got one of the biggest of the night. He and Heidenreich had a very
physical power type match, Holly dominated until Heidenreich planted him with a
modified closeline/suplex of some sort that didn't look impressive as a finishing
WINNER: Heidenreich (obviously no winner between London/Kidman)

Match 5: Booker T vs. Bradshaw
This was a huge surprise. The crowd had a mixed reaction at first because of not
knowing how to react to Booker, but eventually the crowd began to pull for Booker
during the match. JBL got huge heat when he came out. Solid match between the two,
Bradshaw tried to use the title belt to knock out Booker. Bradshaw kicked out of the
scissors kick, Booker T surprisingly kicked out of the clothesline from hell. But
when the ref wasn't looking, JBL hit Booker with a low blow and ended up rolling him
up for the pin.

Match 6: Funaki and Some Long-Haired skinny dude vs. The Bashams
Here's a match where a functional sound system would have been in order so we could
have known who the heck Funaki's partner was. Poor Tony Chimmel had to be losing his
mind not being able to talk into the microphone. He'd test it before each match, but
no luck. The unnamed wrestler started off well against I believe Danny Basham (can't
say for sure) but Danny took control and Doug tagged in and dominated until Funaki
was able to tag in and cleaned house. They seemed to promote some sort of "can't
execute as a team" thing with them as they didn't execute well in certain spots, and
at one point when Danny? went to tag in Doug? he ended up knocking him off the ring
onto the floor below. This match is where the idiots in front of us got worse about
standing up where we couldn't see, but somehow from what I could tell, Funaki ended
up hitting a quick move on _____ Basham or rolled him up or something and got the
WINNER: Funaki & Long-haired jobber who wasn't a jobber tonight b/c his team won.

Match 7: Charlie Haas & Rico vs. Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki (w/Gaysha girl)
Before Long's mic cut out at the start of the show, it sounded like that Long had
put the Tag Titles on the line in this match. (Like they'd change at a House Show!)
Pretty much as you would expect in this match. Dupree & Suzuki got booed and "USA!"
chants started which Haas & Rico encouraged. The crowd was heckling Dupree and Rene
lipped "kiss my ass" to some guys in front of my friend and I, we both caught it and
laughed. Rico was in high gear with his "ambiguously gay" gimmick... he kept pissing
off Kenzo during the match... crowd went nuts for it. Again, the matches were
becoming hard to see, but the Gaysha girl ended up throwing powder into Rico's eyes
and Rico ended up getting pinned. (At this point, ready to go beat up the people in
front of us that wouldn't SIT DOWN!)
WINNER: Dupree/Kenzo

Match 8: FBI vs. Spike & D-Von Dudley
Horrible match. The people in front of us that wouldn't sit down got into it with
D-Von. I couldn't believe the heat that D-Von got, I could care less about this
match and this point was sitting and didn't care whether I could see or not. The
crowd is still not used to the idea that the FBI are supposed to be faces now so not
much reaction for them. Somehow I think Stamboli got the pin on D-Von.

Match 9: Big Show vs. Kurt Angle
FINALLY! The match we'd waited for all night! Huge heat for Angle of course, good
pop for Big Show. Angle sold a "cowardly heel" gimmick to Show as he kept leaving
the ring and acting all scared. When the match finally started Big Show dominated,
Angle took some rough bumps (seemingly too rough for his bad neck!) Luther Reigns
came to ringside and interfered which allowed Angle to get the advantage. Angle went
after the leg of Big Show, putting him in the ankle lock. Big Show spun out of that,
but Angle got a new grip on his leg and started doing arm drops on his left calf.
Show sold a sore leg. Luther tried to interfere again but got tossed out of the
ring for his trouble. Then Jindrak came to the ring and tried to get involved (can
you say Angle/Reigns/Jindrak Evolution-clone faction coming soon?!) Big Show ended
up catching Angle in a choke slam and got the pin. Good match, but way too short for
a main event.
WINNER: Big Show

Biggest Pops:
1. Eddie Guerrero (BY FAR!)
2. Big Show
3. Hardcore Holly (I am NOT KIDDING!)
4. Booker T (since he was a face by default tonight)
5. Haas/Rico (because of the "USA" chants)

Biggest Heat
1. Kurt Angle
2. JBL
3. Luther Reigns
4. D-Von (just because he got into it with individual fans)
5. Rene Dupree (per "USA" chants and his lipping "Kiss my Ass")