Mick Foley/JBL Faceoff, Booker T In The Main Event, & WrestleMania Update

**Mick Foley will be lecturing at Harper College in Palatine, IL on 10/7 and will also debate against JBL on ABC News on Wednesday, where Foley will take the side of John Kerry and JBL will represent George Bush.

**People who stood in line for WrestleMania tickets say the sellout took about an hour, however as reported earlier, WWE claims it took place in under one minute.

**JBL & Booker T have been facing each other in House Show Main Events, with JBL working as the heel. Here is the lineup for the Smackdown! House Show tonight: JBL vs. Booker T for the title as the main event, plus Big Show & Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle & Luther Reigns, Rico & Charlie Haas vs. Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki, Bob Holly vs. Heidenreich, Nunzio vs. Spike Dudley, Shannon Moore vs. Orlando Jordan, Billy Kidman vs. Paul London, Chris Cage (OVW) & Funaki vs. Bashams, Johnny Stamboli vs. Mark Jindrak.

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Credit: WrestlingObserver