WWE RAW Report (9/27/04) - Kansas City, Missouri

We're live from Kansas City, Missouri and tonight we'll see Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho vs. Christian and Tyson Tomko. As well, Lita will give an interview - her first since miscarrying her baby.

Eric Bischoff is in the ring and announces that the WWE PPV: Taboo Tuesday is officially on but he disagrees with Vince McMahon's decision to give the fans the power to make matches and make stipulations. But Bischoff makes it clear that his job as GM is not at risk but he hates the idea that some kid out there will have power to decide his fate in his match against Eugene. But onto more important matters, Bischoff is here to give the four choices on who the fans can pick on facing Triple H. They are: Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit, Edge and Randy Orton. But in Orton's case, he must defeat Batista tonight first before he is allowed to even be a part of the voting.

With that, World champion Triple H, who is scheduled to face Shelton Benjamin later tonight, makes his way down to the ring. Triple H says it's a load of crap that the fans can decide on who to face him. The fans paid their money to watch him wrestle and stand in the ring, but they don't get to touch the belt or decide its fate. Triple H says he doesn't come to where other people work and tell them what to do. He picks one man at ringside and says he doesn't come to where he works and tell him when the fries are done. He then picks out one woman and says he doesn't go and tell her what street corner to stand on. Triple H then concludes that it doesn't matter to him who he faces before giving the audience some choices on what they can do with their lives. First choice is - go screw yourself, second is to go rot in hell, third is to try to get a life, and four is to roll yourself up into a ball and...Shelton Benjamin's interrupts.

Benjamin grabs the mic from Triple H and says he has a few choices for Triple H. Choice #1 is to quit his whining, choice #2 is to quit his complaining, choice #3 is to stop that crying because there isn't enough Kleenex to clean out that nose and choice #4 is let's get it on - right now. With that, Benjamin stares Triple H in the eyes before Bischoff steps in and says that this is the world champion. Triple H uses that to his advantage and cheap shots Benjamin as Bischoff calls for a referee.

Triple H vs. Shelton Benjamin
-Benjamin controls the beginning of the match but Triple H ends up tossing Shelton into the ring post, allowing him time to take a breather as we head for commercial. When we come back, Benjamin is hammering away on Triple H but Trips turns it around and begins to work over Shelton's arm. The finish sees Triple H hit Benjamin with the title belt on the outside, causing the referee to disqualify him. After the match, Triple H hits the Pedigree on a defenseless Shelton.

They show a reply of last week's diva contest finale where Christy won. Tonight, it will be her diva initiation party, hosted by Trish Stratus.

Hurricane & Rosey vs. Tajiri & Rhyno
-Rosey blind tags himself in and hits his finisher (some sort of modified powerslam) on Tajiri for the pinfall victory.

Coming up next, Todd Grisham will interview Kane.

They recap the series of events over the past two weeks, leading up to Lita's miscarriage.

Grisham asks Kane if Lita will be joining them for the interview but Kane says no because she's still in a state of shock. She barely speaks, she won't eat...no matter how Lita felt about Kane, she loved their baby and it was the only thing they shared. Now they don't share anything. Kane then says they are no words to describe how Lita and he feel about the loss of their baby son. But now, their son is dead but their son won't die alone. There is one man who is responsible for all this - Gene Snitsky.

Backstage, Chris Benoit tells William Regal that if he is chosen as the person to face Triple H, he'll walk out as world champion. Eugene then pops in, playing with some scissors and tries to cut Regal's hair. Regal tells Eugene that he has an idea on how Eugene can practice cutting hair and leaves. Eugene looks at Benoit, who says "don't even think about it."

Gene Snitsky vs. Val Venis
-Snitsky dominated Venis and gets the pinfall victory after a modified pump handle slam.

JR and Jerry Lawler tell us that Wrestlemania 21 tickets, to be held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, sold out in less than one minute.

Later tonight, Randy Orton takes on Batista in a no-DQ match.

Ric Flair comes out and has some words for us. He has a problem with three words: Orton, great and legend. He tells Orton that when he won the world title, he became great. But he questions whether he's really a legend killer. He goes through the a list of wrestlers including Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan and Mick Foley and mentions how known of them are legends. He then claims that he's the only real legend. Flair then tells Orton that until he beats Flair, he's not a legend killer, which prompts Orton to come down.

Orton says he has no problem with what Flair said and that Flair truly is the best this business has ever seen. Orton says that he idolized him as a kid and he looked up to him. That's why being a part of Evolution made him so proud to stand by Flair and learn from him. He learned a lot from Flair and he could have learned a lot more. Orton then credits Flair for his win over Benoit and calls him the man. Which is why it's so tragic to see what he has become...how he comes out each week and calls Triple H the best wrestler in the world. Orton says everyone, including Flair, knows that isn't true. Flair says he knows what Orton is trying to do but it's not gonna work and he once again calls Triple H the best in the world. Orton yells in disgust and says Flair isn't a legend, he's a lapdog, a glorified cheerleader. Orton says there's only man who can save his legacy from being flushed down the toilet and that man is Flair himself. Orton says a true legend takes crap from nobody and Flair knows it. With that, Orton departs leaving Flair in the ring by himself to ponder what was just said.

Coming up next, Jericho and Michaels team up to take on Christian and Tyson Tomko.

Chris Jericho & Shawn Michaels vs. Christian & Tyson Tomko
-Jericho and Michaels dominate the early part of the match and send Tomko flying over the top with a clothesline. The both of them then pick up Christian in a press position and send him over the top too on top of Tomko as we get another commercial. The finish sees Michaels hit the Sweet Chin Music on Tomko, but Christian sneaks up behind him and school-boys him for the pinfall victory.

Backstage, Triple H tries to hype up Batista for his upcoming match against Randy Orton. Batista says that he has had to hear Randy Orton talk about himself as the future of this business for the past two years but it was always about Batista. He then asks Triple H about Ric Flair and Triple H says it's just Flair being Flair. Batista then promises Triple H that he'll beat Orton to make sure he doesn't get to wrestle Triple H at Taboo Tuesday.

William Regal is out with Eugene to talk about some of the possible stipulations that could come about inthe Eugene vs. Eric Bischoff match. He has three volunteers, each illustrating one stipulation. The first man is dressed up as a butler (loser has to be the winner's butler), the second guy has a dress on (loser has to wear a dress) and the third guy is sitting in a chair ready to get his hair cut (loser gets his hair shaved bald). Regal informs the third man that Eugene is going to practice cutting which Eugene does, employing some clippers and scissors.

Eric Bischoff then storms out and says to get this crap out of the ring because nobody wants to see it. Bischoff tells Eugene that he's not going to get beat or get his hair cut and out of nowhere, Bischoff hits a reverse kick on the third man before bailing out of the ring. Bischoff says that Eugene has his work cut out for him.

Highlights of he Taboo Tuesday press conference is shown.

Up next, Christy's initiation party.

Next week, Shawn Michaels takes on Christian.

Trish Stratus, Gail Kim and Molly Holly come out for Christy's diva initiation party. Trish says that even though Christy worked far less than them to become a diva, they all still love her and with that, they introduce her. Trish says Christy probably has a lot to say but they'll do that later but Christy doesn't want to wait and snatches the mic away from Trish. She thanks the fans, saying she wouldn't be here without their support. She promises to make everyone very proud. Trish says it's true that she's here because of the fans...and whoever she slept with. Trish then says that Carmella has something to say and we see Carmella on the Titan Tron. Carmella basically says she's better than Christy and the only reason she won is because of the fans, who all know that even in their wildest dreams they don't have a shot with her. Carmella then says that Christy is the bitch who robbed her of $250,000 and one day she'll have the pleasure of watching her get her ass kicked. Trish then reveals that today will be Christy's first match and she calls for a match - against all three of them in a handicap match. But it won't be a regular handicap match, it'll be a three-on-one, bra-and-panties handicap match. And it'll start right now.

Christy vs. Trish, Molly & Gail
-Trish attacks Christy and starts ripping her clothes off. Christy slaps Trish but Gail and Molly intervene and the three of them assault Christy before ripping off all her clothes, leaving her only in her bra and panties. After the match, Christy gets up and the crowd cheers so she takes a mic and says she's completely comfortable in her bra & panties.

Backstage, Batista asks Ric Flair if he's ready but Flair just has a cold stare. Flair says he hears him but he doesn't answer to him or Triple H and he'll be out there when he's ready.

Randy Orton vs. Batista
-Orton takes control of the match but this only leads to Triple H coming down. With it being a no-DQ match, Triple H wastes no time interfering in the match, basically turning it into a handicap match. Trips hits a DDT on Orton and brings in a chair but Ric Flair runs out and looks Triple H in the eye before swatting the chair away. As Orton gets up, Flair turns to him and kicks him in the nuts before hitting him in the back with a chair. Flair then orders Batista to powerbomb Orton, which he does. Batista then covers him for the victory, eliminating Orton from the Taboo Tuesday chase. After the match, Flair stands on Orton's chest and poses with Triple H, who then taunts and talks trash to a fallen Orton. Flair kicks him for good measure and the three Evolution members congratulate each other.

End of show.