Stephanie / Triple H to Run WWE, Shane's Role in the Company, Big Show Backstage

* Big Show was welcomed back to the WWE locker room because he gets along with everyone so well. He is said not too take himself very seriously and he is an easygoing, joke cracker.

* Shane McMahon was not backstage at Unforgiven, which was surprising to many, because Shane attends all PPV's and RAW events that follow them the next night. Many backstage like to keep a close eye on Shane, because it was believed for a long long time that Shane would be running the company by the ago of 40. However, more and more it looks as though his sister Stephanie Triple H are looking more and more like they will be running the company in the future. As of now, Stephanie has much more power than Shane as far as things go with the WWE at this point.

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[News derived from the PWTorch newsletter]