Dark Matches, WWE Velocity *Spoilers* (9/28/04) - Wichita, Kansas

Report by: pwtorch.com


(1) A scraggly, dark-haired guy with a beard beat a guy they announced being from Wichita. I believe the winner was called "Bradley", no idea on the other guy's name.

(2) Carlito Carribean Cool beat Chris Cage. Carlito got a big pop, as did most everyone. The crowd was pretty amped. His finisher seemed to be almost a backwards Rock Bottom, if that makes any sense. Instead of falling forward to slam the guy like Rock would, Carlito lifted him and then fell back.


Torrie Wilson did the ring introductions for the first bout.

(1) Johnny the Bull beat Akio with a press slam into a shoulder catch into a front powerslam. He and Torrie seemed to interact afterwards. Based on Johnny and Nunzio later in the show, I assume the FBI turned babyface one week when I wasn't watching Velocity.

(2) The Basham Brothers beat two guys whose names I didn't catch. They were billed as being from Emporia, Kansas, making Kansans 0-2 on the night.

(3) Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki beat Shannon Moore & Funaki. The tag champs did a pre-match promo that saw Kenzo launch into a rendition of Living In America, complete with Kenzo dancing and doing the James Brown "oww!"'s throughout. Surprisingly funny.