WWE No Mercy Results (10/3/04) - East Rutherford, New Jersey

WWE No Mercy Report
October 3rd, 2004
Announcers: Micheal Cole & Tazz
Smackdown! Brand Only PPV

Eddie Guerrero vs Luther Reigns

Eddie Guerrero makes his way to the ring followed by Luther Reigns as they tie up in the middle of the ring before Luther hits Eddie with a bigtime clothesline and then Eddie reverses, knocking Luther down. Luther hits a huge Powerslam on Eddie Guerrero and then hooks the leg, but can only get a two count. Luther now hooks on a bearhug as Eddie fights for his breath in the middle of the ring.

Mark Jindrak is at ringside and is urging Luther on. Surfboard move by Luther has he works the lowerback of Guerrero. He then sets Eddie on his knee as he bends Eddie over his knee. As he does this, the crowd begins to chang "Eddie."

Knee to the temple by Guerrero who then charges after Luther towards the ropes but Luther ducks and Eddie goes flying where he is attacked my Jindrak. Huge sidewalk slam by Luther Reigns as he goes for the cover, Guerrero kicks out and argues with the ref. Luther goes for the swinging neckbreaker but Eddie counters with an inverted DDT. Both men are now down.

Eddie goes for the three amigos, but Luther counters and hits a dropkick. Eddie again reverses and goes to the outside and tries to get a police baton from the security guard. He sticks it down in his boot. He then grabs a chair and sends it into Luther's head and climbs to the top rope with the baton in his boot. He goes for the frog splash, but he misses.

As the referee gets the chair out of the ring, Eddie grabs the baton from his boot and nails Luther with it. He then goes up to the top rope and hits the frog splash. 1-2-3. That's it.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

Spike Dudley vs Nunzio

Backstage, Dawn Marie talks about how she cannot help that Charlie Haas is infactuated with her. She then say's she will tell Jackie that to her face and walks into the dressing room while Jackie is getting dressed. Jackie completely topless turns around and grabs her boobs, which you can see below. Dawn Marie tries to get Jackie to take her hands off her boobs as that is the only things covering her up, but Jackie just stares at her. They then go back to the ring for Nunzio vs Spike.

Nunzio is out first and quickly gets the advantage over Spike Dudley. He tosses Spike outside where Bubba Ray is there to help console him. Spike is back in the ringand gets a nasty boot to the stomach. The Dudley Boys work Nunzio over as Spike distracts the referee. Spike hooks the leg and again Nunzio kicks out. He then puts on a full nelson type move, working over the upper back of Nunzio. Nunzio tries to get to his feet and does; he backs Spike into the corner.

Nunzio hits several nice moves, including a nice DDT, but Nunzio is unable to cover him for a 3 count. At the end of the match, just as it looks as if Nunzio might get the victory, Spike pulls the ref away as Bubba racks Nunzio's lower section into the steel post and Spike rolls over to get the win.

Winner: Spike Dudley

Paul London vs Billy Kidman

The match starts out very slow for Kidman as London is all over him and being very agressive. London gets whipped into the ropes but he stops and nails Kidman with a huge clothesline. Kidman is not on his game at all. London hits a huge moonsault off the top rope and goes for a cover, but Kidman gets the bottom rope. Kidman finally gets up and looks angry.

Kidman is on fire now as he is really taking it to London. London tries to battle back, but Kidman hits a huge knee to the midsection which sends London to the mat. Blood seems to be coming out of London's nose now.

Kidman is still dominating. Setting London up in the middle of the ring and stretching his arms behind his head and again nailing him in the midsection.

Kidman now has a sort of an armbar hooked up, where he continues to work over Paul London's midsection, but London tries to battle out. Kidman hits a BK bomb and goes for a cover, but London is able to kick out. London gets up again and hits a kick to the back of the head as he tries to get some control of this match. London hits a beautiful counter and hooks the leg, but Kidman is able to kick out. London then runs right into a standing dropkick.

Kidman goes up to the top rope but then gets down and begins to walk away from the ring. As the referee gets to 4, he turns around and comes back to the ring, where he is met by London. London then lays Kidman out and goes to the top rope for the shooting star press, but Kidman gets his knees up.

Kidman then goes to the top rope and hits a shooting star press where his knees come down on London and he gets the 3 count. Kidman then grabs the mic and says that he hopes everyone is happy, because they made him do that! London is bleeding through his mouth all over the ring. Very bloody images of London. While London is strapped on the stretcher, Kidman runs up to the top rope and hits another shooting star press. London appears to be injured as paramedics take him to the back.

Winner: Billy Kidman

JBL is backstage talking about how biased the coverage has been of the Undertaker tonight. They have shown several past highlights of the Undertaker beating opponents such as Hulk Hogan and Pyscho Sid. He says it's very unbalanced and almost gurantees that he will get the win tonight.

Renee Dupree & Kenzo Suziki vs. RVD & Rey Mysterio

All four men finally make it to the ring, but before that, Kenzo tried to sing "Born In The USA" which was horrible. RVD is first in against Renee Dupree. Both men show some good technical mat work as RVD goes behind Dupree who then reverses and then RVD reverses again, before both men finally face off after a great set of action.

Mysterio and RVD both do a double flip over the top rope onto Suziki and Dupree. RVD and Suziki are now back in the ring and RVD goes for a quick cover, but Kenzo is able to kick out. RVD is whipped into the ropes, but Kenzo gets a boot when he charges in. RVD then hits a spin kick. RVD goes up top, but Dupree pushes him off onto the barracade outside the ring.

Kenzon Suziki now works over RVD and also delivers a cheap shot to Rey Mysterio in the other corner. As Kenzo and Rey now argue, RVD regains his strength, but not enough before Suziki places an armbar on RVD. RVD tries to fight out, but is unable to get any momentum.

Mysterio finally gets a hot tag and tears up the ring. Both RVD and Rey Mysterio double team Renee Dupree and now Kenzo Suziki. Rey hits the 619 on Kenzo, but as he goes up to the top rope, Renee pulls him down and Rey is down on the outside of the ring. RVD now takes out Renee Dupree. As he does that Kenzo Suziki rolls up Rey Mysterio using the ropes as his aid.

Winners: Kenzo Suziki & Renee Dupree

Big Show vs Kurt Angle

They show a highlight reel leading up into the Big Show & Kurt Angle match. Angle is first down to the ring followed by Big Show. Both men look very intense. Big Show ties up Angle in the corner and then points his finger at Angle.

Big Show just tosses Angle out of the ring.

Big Show is just tearing Angle apart at this point in the match. He is punishing him by tossing him from ringpost to ringpost. Angle is whipped into the corner and then he presses Angle above his head and drops him to the mat.

Kurt Angle rolls out of the ring and gets himself counted out. He then starts running through the crowd but Teddy Long comes out and tells Kurt if he doesn't get in the ring in 10 seconds he will be fired from Smackdown!

Kurt Angle makes his way back to the ring and is met by the Big Show with a huge headbutt. If it was not bad enough already, Big Show gets a steel chair and basically knocks Kurt Angle's head off with it. He then rolls Kurt Angle back into the ring and sets him up in the corner and continues to beat on him.

In a huge turn of events, Angle hooks on the ankle lock and drags him into the middle of the ring. He must of had it on him for a good minute, but right as Big Show is about ready to tap out, he pushes Angle into the ref, knocking the ref out. Angle then goes out and gets a chair and nails Big Show's leg with it.

Angle is doing everything he can now to work on Big Show's leg and ankle. Big Show is pretty much imobilized as Angle has totally turned this match around. The referee has finally come around now andhe counts a two count on Big Show, but he is able to kick out. Angle now has another leg lock hooked on in the middle of the ring.

Angle hits the Angle Slam but somehow, Big Show is able to kick out. He then goes to get the dart gun again but as he gets into the ring, Big Show takes it from him and breaks it over his knee. Big Show is now up and mad. He grabs Angle and sets him up for a choke slam from the top rope and he gets the win!

Winner: Big Show

Up next is John Cena vs Booker T, match #5. This will probably be Cena's last match for a while, so lets get ready:

John Cena vs Booker T

They are now in the ring as they stare each other down. Charles Robinson holds up the US Championship title. John Cena goes for a quick cover, but Booker T easily kicks out. Booker T now gets the advantage with an arm bar in the middle of the ring.

Both men go toe to toe for a while and trade moves, until finally Booker T tosses Cena to the outside of the ring. Booker T goes outside and sends Cena right into the steel steps. Cena is now laid out on the outside and Booker T again tries to toss him into the steel steps, but John Cena reverses and sends Booker T into the steps. Cena goes for a cover back in the ring, but Booker T kicks out.

Booker T is back up and hits a nice spinning heel kick that sends Cena to the mat. Cena is now in trouble as he is whipped into the ropes and then hit with a suplex. Booker T goes for a cover, but Cena is able to kick out.

Booker T now hooks on a reverse necklock in the middle of the ring. Fishermans suplex by Cena, but it does no good as Booker T is right back on him. Booker T tries a kick, but misses and ends up on the ropes. Cena is trying to get back to his feet now. The ref begins a count on both men as they are both down. Cena is back up and hits a few right hands and then hits a huge suplex. He then hits a shoulder block and goes for a cover, but Booker is able to kick out.

John Cena hits the five knuckle shuffle, but Booker kicks out. Then Booker hits the bookend, but Cena is able to kick out. Booker T goes to get a chair, but the ref says no! Cena then hooks on the FU and gets the win! I didn't see that one coming as Cena was supposed to leave to film a movie. Anyhow, John Cena is the winner tonight!

Winner: John Cena

They show highlights of Undertaker beating Stone Cold Steve Austin at Over The Edge.

The Dudley's & Dawn Marie vs Miss Jackie & Charlie Haas & Rico

Dawn Marie wearing some short shorts along with a nice tank top. Now Rico and Charlie Haas along with the lovely Miss Jackie make their way to the ring.

Dawn Marie's shirt which is almost see through is shown as Devon Dudley attacks Charlie Haas in the corner and the match begins. Charlie Haas returns with a hip toss and a quick cover. Dawn Marie is in the ring and they pull down her pants showing her butt crack, then Jackie runs in and pulls off Dawn Maries shirt and then chokes her with it. Bubba Ray grabs Jackie's hair from behind and brings her down.

Rico is now in the ring now and he takes it to Devon after embarssing Bubba Ray by kissing his face. Devon hits a low blow which floors Rico. Rico finally gets a shot in on Bubba Ray and he tries to get the corner. Devon gets a tag and so does Charlie Haas. Dawn Marie is running around on the outside in a bra. Charlie Haas is taking apart both men in the ring. German suplex by Charlie Haas. As Dawn Marie distracts Haas, Devon takes advantage.

Action just breaks out everywhere now as they don't even know what to focus on in the ring. Miss Jackie runs in and tackles Dawn Marie. Her top almost comes off as she does and they roll all over the ring.

As that is happening, Rico hits a moonsault on Bubba and rolls him up for the three count and gets the win for his team. Dawn Marie and Miss Jackie continue to battle on the outside of the ring and have to be pulled off one another.

Winners: Miss Jackie, Charlie Haas, & Rico

They show the video package leading up into this final match of the night.

JBL vs The Undertaker

They drive the hearse out the ring and explain the rules that one must be loaded into the hearse and driven out of the ring before the match will end.

JBL is first out, followed by The Undertaker.

Finally the match is underway and The Undertaker goes right after JBL. He takes him into the corner and beats him down. Undertaker then hits a headbutt and a big foot to his face. JBL is down on the mat as Undertaker brings him into the middle of the ring and just continues to beat on him.

JBL finally gets a thumb to the eye. He is staying on the Undertaker but as he does, Undertaker hits a huge chokeslam on Bradshaw right in the middle of the ring. He stares back at the hearse, because there is no pinfall. Basically he needs to beat him senseless before he can win this match. JBL is trying to get to the ropes, but as he does, Undertaker begins to pull him outside the ring.

JBL is being dragged down the aisle towards the hearse. Undertaker is beating him senseless as they go down the aisle, but as they do, JBL finally gets a low blow then takes the steel steps to Undertaker's head. Undertaker is laid out on the canvas now.

JBL is now in control as he hits Undertaker twice with the steel steps. He drags him all the way to the hearse, before the Undertaker gets a shot in and tries to get back to the ring. JBL chases him down and goes up to the top rope and hits a shoulder block off the top rope. The Undertaker is now down and out int the middle o the ring. JBL is now taking it to Undertaker as he hits a swinging neck breaker.

The Undertaker reverses and hits a triangle choke. JBL tries to tap out, but it doesn't matter in this match. JBL finally passes out as The Undertaker releases the hold. He tosses JBL to the outside of the ring and The Undertaker continues to beat him.

Just when you think JBL is out of it, he reverses and lays The Undertaker into the steel steps. JBL sets The Undertaker up on the stairs for a pile driver, but it is reversed and JBL is flipped over him onto the concrete floor. Undertaker then takes JBL out into the crowd and hits him with several right hands and then face first off the barracade.

Taker then hits a tombstone piledriver on the steel steps in a nasty move. JBL is now busted open and bleeding all over the place. Taker then sends him into the announce table but as he does that, JBL hits Taker with a steel chair and lays him out as both men lay motionless on the floor. JBL is loosing a lot of blood on the outside of the ring!

This match is crazy. JBL nails Taker with a monitor from the announce booth. Then the next thing you know Taker hits a huge chokeslam through the announce table and lays him out.

Taker now picks JBL up and begins to carry him to the hearse.

As he opens the hearse, John Heindreich, excuse me if that is spelled wrong, jumps out of the back and covers Taker's face with a cloth and smothers him. He then tosses Taker into the back of the hearse, but as he does, Taker fights right back out.

JBL then hits the clothesline from hell and throws the Taker into the back of the hearse and it drives off.

But it's not over yet....

JBL grabs the mic and starts spatting off about how he is immortal and then says that if you want an Undertaker highlight, he will give you one...

They show the hearse backstage and Paul Heyman gets out of the drivers seat. He looks down the rampway and John Heindreich is standing there with a big truck. Heyman tells him to hurry up! Heindreich looks like a nut yelling and jumping around and then jumps in the car. It speeds down the ramp and smashes into the hearse.

Heindreich crawls out of the truck and Heyman tells him to hurry and get out! Heyman says "We did it!" He then says they have to hurry up and get out of there. The show closes shortly thereafter.

Winner: JBL

That's it, see you in two weeks!

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