WWE RAW Report (2/23/04) - Omaha, Nebraska

WWE RAW report for 2/23/04

Hello again everyone and WELcome to your RajahWWF.com RAW report. I am your host Jason (Jason_of_RajahWWF on Yahoo Messenger) and I daresay I am an institution here on the site. But enough about my legendary status, let's get on with the show.

We begin with footage from last week of the Chris Benoit/Shawn Michaels main event. In the end, Benoit allowed himself to be distracted by Triple H and Michaels was able to sneak in for the win. Sheriff Austin then informed us that it'll be Hunter, Chris and HBK in a Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XX.

The music plays, the pyro blazes and we are LIVE from the Quest Center in Omaha, Nebraska. Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler will have the call as toNIGHT Chris Benoit will face Batista one-on-one and Mr. McMahon will face off RAW general manager Eric Bischoff but FIRST...

Lita Vs. Victoria Vs. Jazz w/Theodore Long Vs. Molly Holly in a Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match for the Women's Championship
-Well, one good thing about this match already, Trish Stratus can't win the championship. Molly gets a bigger heel reaction than she usually does. Referee Chad Patton holds the belt aloft and we're off. Molly is thrown to the outside over the top right away and Victoria gets one on Jazz. Jazz puts Victoria up in the double chicken wing, but Lita breaks it up. Lita floats over the suplex and scores a stiff DDT for the 1-2-3 to eliminate Jazz in short order. Molly returns to the ring and scores the back handspring elbow in the corner on Victoria. Molly goes to work on Lita and goes for the cover, but Victoria breaks it up. Vicky then works a tight roll-up on Molly and gets the 1-2-3 to eliminate her. Shocked that she's lost her championship, Molly completely losses her mind and goes crazy all over Victoria. Referee Jack Doan rushes to the ring to assist Chad Patton in getting Molly out of the ring, but it's a daunting task as Molly has become a berserker in there. Lita encourages the refs to get Molly out of there as we go to...


..We return to find Lita and Victoria squaring off in the middle of the ring. Molly is nowhere in sight, so I guess they finally got her out of there. Lita and Victoria jaw at each other in the middle of the ring and Lita delivers the slap. Victoria cinches in a reverse chinlock on the mat as a mild chant starts for Lita. The referee checks in, but Lita won't quit as Victoria turns it into a surfboard. Lita fights out and avoids the halo leg drop from the apron. Lita with a roll up for two before countering a tilt-a-whirl side slam into a head scissors for a near fall. Twist of Fate by Lita. 1-2-Victoria kicks out. Vicky gets the knee up on the corner charge and scores a near fall off a roll-up. Lita counters a slingshot and rolls Victoria up for two. Lita leverages Vicky's throat into the bottom rope and goes to the top, but Victoria is playing possum and she cuts Lita off. Victoria takes Lita off the top and scores a stiff Widow's Peak, knocking Lita clean out for the 1-2-3 at 9:43.
-HERE is YOUR Winner and NEW Women's Champion: Victoria

Victoria is in tears as the referee hands her the title. Steven Richards dashes to the ring to celebrate with his flower. Good for them, I say.

In the back, a limo arrives bearing Mr. McMahon. Vince tells the driver to get his wrestling gear out of the trunk and heads into the area.


In the general manager's office, Jonathan Coachman fretfully asks Eric Bischoff about Mr. McMahon's arrival. Christian then enters and tells Bischoff about Mr. McMahon as well before asking Bischoff for a World Tag Team Championship shot for himself and Chris Jericho at WrestleMania. Bischoff not only refuses the title shot, but he books Christian to face Trish Stratus later tonight. I guess Bischoff is really not a fan of the injured Jericho.

Randy Orton Vs. Val Venis
-This is a non-title match, kittens. Orton with a knee lift at the start before stomping away at Val in the corner as referee Jack Doan admonishes. Dropkick by Orton, but Val comes back with some knees to the gut and an abdominal stretch. Venis with a roll-up for two and Orton rolls to the outside. Val goes out to attack, but Orton manages to reverse a whip and send Val into the apron. Back inside, Orton with a hard whip into the corner and some knees to the back. Crowd chants for Mick Foley as Orton works a bow and arrow hold on the mat. Orton's shoulders slip to the mat and the referee counts two before Orton has to release the hold. Orton mocks Foley's "Bang! Bang!" and gets a lot of heat before Val moves in with a kick to the head. Val slugs away on Orton in the corner and scores a backdrop. Chops in the corner by Val and he mounts Orton for ten punches. Val scores his half nelson slam and gets a near fall. Big spinebuster by Val and both men are down. The referee gets to three before Val goes to the top, but Orton cuts him off and slams him back to the mat. Val staggers up and tries to wrap Randy up on another abdominal stretch, but Orton shoves him into the corner and catches Val with the RKO in the rebound for the 1-2-3 at 5:14. Pretty good match.
-HERE is YOUR Winner: Randy Orton


A WCW clip from 1998 shows Eric Bischoff challenging Vince McMahon to a match.

In the general manager's office, Bischoff and The Coach are livid about the clip being played when Sheriff Austin strolls in and says it was he that ordered the clip played. Austin then taunts Bischoff about the things Eric's done. Bischoff has made out with Vince's wife and Vince's daughter and McMahon is still signing Eric's paychecks. Bischoff starts laughing it up and says he's had another fantasy about Stephanie when he realizes that Vince is standing behind him. McMahon basically says it's on once he makes his WrestleMania announcement.

Elsewhere, Ric Flair and Randy Orton psyche Batista up for his match with Chris Benoit later tonight. Triple H enters and says he's headed for the ring to make an announcement and he wants them all there.


Evolution Interview
-Triple H takes the stick. Last week, Sheriff Austin informed us all about the WrestleMania Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Hunter admits it, he was pissed off, but then he realized, what should he expect? They're always stacking the odds against him, but Ric Flair has reminded him how great he is. He's The Game, the World Heavyweight Champion. Crowd chants "You suck!" as Triple H goes on, saying no matter who is put against him; he always comes out on top. Is Hunter happy about defending the title against two men at WrestleMania? No. Is Hunter happy he could lose the title without getting beaten? No. But it this going to be the night that they knock the king off his throne? Is this going to be game over? No! This is WrestleMania XX, the biggest night in the history of the industry and it will be the biggest night in Triple H's career. Hunter will beat Michaels and Benoit at WrestleMania and stamp his place at WrestleMania by proving that he's everything he says he is. Triple H will prove once and for all that he is that...damn...good. Music hits and here comes Chris Benoit with a mic. The fact of the matter is Triple H is the world champion and Benoit respects that, but all Chris has heard from Hunter since coming to RAW is a lot of talk. Really? The time for talking is over? Why don't you step in the ring right now and show Evolution how tough you are. Benoit circles the ring as Triple H taunts him. Benoit grabs a ringside chair and slides into the ring. Evolution initially backs off, but they soon flank Benoit and attack. Evolution gets their kick on all over Benoit until Shawn Michaels runs down to make the save. Michaels uses the chair to chase Evolution and is immediately trapped in the Crippler Crossface by Benoit. The GLASS BREAKS and here comes Sheriff Austin now. Austin says if anyone at all interferes in the Benoit/Batista match, they will not make it to WrestleMania XX.


Batista Vs. Chris Benoit
-We return with senior referee Earl Hebner in the ring and the match already under way. Batista suplexes Benoit out of the corner and then catches a breather. Benoit looks for the Sharpshooter, but Batista kicks him away and scores a hard shoulder block. Batista with a bear hug, but Benoit fight out. They fall to the mat, but Batista manages to keep hold of the waistlock. Batista turns Benoit loose and then works a single leg crab. Benoit screams, but he won't give in. Batista slams Benoit's knee into the mat and scores a near fall. Hard clothesline in the corner by Batista. 1-Benoit gets his foot on the ropes. Benoit gets the boots up on a corner charge and looks for the Crossface, but Batista powers out and clotheslines him. Big spinebuster by Batista. 1-2-Benoit kicks out. Benoit floats over a slam attempt and scores a pair of German suplexes, followed by a third, then a fourth. Benoit goes to the top, but Batista rolls away from the flying headbutt. Batista looks for the powerbomb, but Benoit counters into the Crossface and Batista taps.
-HERE is YOUR Winner: Chris Benoit

WWE Rewind: Last week, Booker T & Rob Van Dam win the World Tag Team Championship.


In the general manager's office, Eric Bischoff believes he's going to be killed tonight, but Sheriff Austin won't hear of it. Where's the Eric Bischoff that lead Nitro over RAW for 83 straight weeks? Bischoff has three choices. 1) He can walk away and Vince will fire him. 2) He can go out, lose to Vince and then get fired. Or 3) He can become the man who beat RAW for 83 straight weeks and go out and beat McMahon's ass.

Rob Van Dam & Booker T Vs. La Resistance
-This is a non-title match for reasons passing understanding, unless they intend to sow dissention between the champions already. Lawler is already stirring the pot on commentary. Referee Mike Chioda calls for the bell and we're off. Dupree and Van Dam start with Rene in control following a shoulder block, but Van Dam comes back with a monkey flip for a near fall. Tag to Booker. Booker with a kick and he makes the cover, but Conway breaks it up. Conway hooks Booker's ankle as Van Dam detains the referee and Dupree sends Booker to the outside. Conway kicks away at Booker in the outside as Dupree distracts Chioda. Conway sends Booker back in and then tags in to control him with a reverse chinlock on the mat. Booker fights out and scores a kick. Both men are down. Van Dam comes in illegally and La Resistance double-team Booker. Booker manages a double clothesline and makes the hot tag. Van Dam goes nuts all over both opponents, scoring Rolling Thunder on Conway. Dupree corrals Van Dam for punches and it's basically chaos in there. Book End to Conway. Scissors Kick to Dupree. Five Star Frog Splash to Dupree for the 1-2-3 at 4:36. Conway was the legal man, for the record.
-HERE are YOUR Winners: Rob Van Dam & Booker T


WrestleMania Recall: At WMVI, a piano-playing Steve Allen makes fools of the Bolsheviks in the men's room. Don't ask, but it WAS funny.

In the locker room, Trish Stratus asks Christian what they're going to do about their match tonight. Christian says he'll lie down for Trish in the match and then they can go back to the hotel where she can lay down for him. Uh, what? Heh heh, Christian was just kidding. He'll see Trish out there.

Ross and Lawler intro footage of last week's unsanctioned Street Fight between Mick Foley and Randy Orton.

Mick Foley Interview
-This is a taped piece conducted by Jim Ross this past weekend. Ross asks about last week's three-on-one beating and Foley, who's sitting there with a black eye, says he's been in pain for his whole career, but he's never needed a neurologist to explain his injuries to him. Why didn't Mick just stay down like Orton kept telling him too? Mick wasn't aware of how long Evolution was beating on him; it was instinct that made him keep trying to get up. What really bothered Mick was that he was beat on for six minutes and no one came to help him. Mick thinks that there are some guys in the back who still don't forgive him from walking out on December 15, 2003. Can we assume that Foley's career is over as of last week's beatdown? Foley has a big problem giving Orton and Evolution that kind of power; he won't allow them to tell him his career is over. Mick doesn't laugh anymore like he did in the Commissioner Foley days. It's not safe to assume that Mick's career is over; it's safe to assume that he'll be at RAW next week on March 1 and there will be hell to pay for what went down last week.


Trish Stratus Vs. Christian
-Referee Jack Doen calls for the bell and, as per his promise, Christian lies down. Trish goes for the pin, but Christian powers out at two. Trish is pissed and starts to leave, but Christian turns her around and positively tattoos her with a clothesline. The crowd bathes Christian in an "Asshole!" chant, but that's not enough to stop him from turning Trish over into the Walls of Jericho. Stratus desperately tries to make it to the ropes, but Christian drags her to the middle of the ring and a screaming Trish taps at 1:30.
-HERE is YOUR Winner: Christian

Not happy with the win, Christian keeps Trish trapped in the hold until he's good and ready to let her go. "What's wrong with you," yells referee Doen. What indeed.


Ross and Lawler recap what just happened in the Trish/Christian match.

In the back, the trainers are helping Trish to the locker room, but she's in agony and they're forced to sit her down.

Outside the general manager's office, Jonathan Coachman says that if Bischoff is afraid to face Vince McMahon, it's ok, Coach would be afraid too. Bischoff bursts through the door and gets into Coach's face. Bischoff beat McMahon at his own game for 83 straight weeks and it was Time Warner that threw in the towel, not Eric. People may think that McMahon won the battle, but tonight Bischoff is going to win the war.


Ross and Lawler tell us that next week it'll be Chris Benoit & Shawn Michaels versus Batista & Randy Orton in a tag team match.

Vince McMahon Interview
-Mr. McMahon comes out dressed to fight and takes the stick. Before Vince takes care of some business with Eric Bischoff, he'd like to make the following WrestleMania announcement. SHE'S GOT LEGS...here come Stacy Keibler and Miss Jackie. To what does Vince owe this pleasant interruption? Since Hugh Hefner chose Torrie Wilson and Sable as his Playboy cover girls, they want to prove they're the two hottest Divas on the biggest stage in the world, at WrestleMania XX. Well, Vince says, why don't you start by proving it here. Stacy calls for her music and she turns cartwheels while Jackie dances around McMahon. All right, the girls are hot. How about at WrestleMania XX, we have an Inter-Promotional Playboy Tag Team Evening Gown Match. The girls and the crowd are happy with that and all seems well until the FIRES OF HELL erupt and here comes Kane. Stacy and Jackie bail out and head for the hills as Kane enters the ring and demands McMahon put a stop to the Undertaker's return. Vince wants the same thing Kane wants, so he books Kane versus The Undertaker for WrestleMania XX. Kane lights the posts and leaves. McMahon finally gets down to business. Last week, Brock Lesnar was on his knees begging for a match with Goldberg at WrestleMania. McMahon is not so sure it's the right thing to do. With the state of mind both men are in, no one could control that match. Therefore, Vince regrets to inform us that...the GLASS BREAKS and here comes Sheriff Austin for the second time tonight. If McMahon won't give the people what they want, he'll be breaking the law. Give Stone Cold a Hell Yeah if you want to see Goldberg versus Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. Hell Yeah! Austin understands if Vince thinks the match will be too violent for a normal referee to control. If that's the case, appoint Stone Cold as the special guest referee. What's in it for Stone Cold? None of Vince's business. Very well then, at WrestleMania it'll be Goldberg versus Brock Lesnar with Stone Cold Steve Austin as the guest referee. If Austin wants to be a referee, he can start right now by refereeing this next match.

Vince McMahon Vs. Eric Bischoff
-Austin calls for the bell and Bischoff offers his hand, but Vince drives the knees to the gut instead. McMahon hammers away on Bischoff in the ropes, but Austin backs him off. Bischoff scores some kicks and straight punch, but McMahon basically no-sells. McMahon chases Bischoff into the corner again and again Austin backs him off. McMahon gives Austin a shove this time and Stone Cold levels him with a right hand. Bischoff tries to seize on the opportunity, but McMahon shakes him off like he's nothing again (you didn't REAlly think Vince would sell for Eric Bischoff, did you?) and chases Eric to the outside. Bischoff tries to get back to the ring, but McMahon catches him and they battle up the ramp. Meanwhile in the ring, BROCK LESNAR has snuck into the ring and takes position behind Austin. Stone Cold turns around and is immediately F-5'd into oblivion. Ross is outraged, but I love it as Lesnar stands over the fallen Austin to...


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